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Computational Linguistics is a field that appeals to students with a zeal for both language and computer science and a passion for developing ideas at the intersection of these fields. The Brandeis Master of Arts degree in computational linguistics focuses on the scientific study of language from a computational perspective, in which opportunities abound in many fields, including:

  • automated text analysis
  • speech recognition
  • information retrieval
  • web search
  • machine translation
  • "Big Data"
  • cryptography
  • computer security

This dynamic interdisciplinary program draws on the following fields:

  • linguistic theory (phonology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics)
  • computer science (artificial intelligence, theory of computation and programming methods)
  • philosophy
  • cognitive science
  • psychology

A two-year M.A. program in computational linguistics is offered to qualified students with a B.A. degree. The five-year combined B.A./M.A. program in computational linguistics is offered to Brandeis undergraduate students with a background in either computer science or linguistics.