Waltham and Greater Boston

Discover more about Waltham and its surrounding area.


Brandeis University is just minutes away from Route 128, a premier technological concentration and Boston’s own Silicon Valley. The Boston area is ranked as one of the top tech regions in the country by the Brookings Institution.

Brandeis, just outside Boston in Waltham, Mass., is in very close proximity to the technological resources of this area that go back decades to the time of Wang and Digital Equipment Corp., and therefore provide a very well-established infrastructure of technology, financial backing, and professional contacts.

Within a world-renown research university, Brandeis’ Computational Linguistics program is well-positioned to provide students with opportunities to connect with current and future business leaders, including our alumni who have become successful in the field.

One of the Boston area’s newest players is Microsoft, which opened its first East Coast research lab just 13 miles from campus, in Cambridge. Microsoft has expressed its commitment to collaborate with the broader research community and to advance the state of the art in multiple areas of computing research. CNet quotes from a Microsoft press release, “The new lab will enable Microsoft Research to interact closely with the large community of scientists in New England, notably the faculty and students at the many premier academic institutions in the vicinity."