Overview of Education Studies

Who decides what should be taught?  What kinds of learning, schools, and teachers do young people deserve?  Why is there so much disagreement about the purposes of schools?

Education Studies is designed for students seeking an understanding of these and other issues. Students explore educational history and policy, human learning and development, and the place of education and schooling in families and societies, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. This interdisciplinary approach enables students to examine the impact of political, historical, psychological, cultural, economic, and social forces on education and on the public expectations for schools.

Education Studies is suitable for students interested in the broad social and cultural contexts of education as well as for those seeking to go on to careers in educational research and policy.

Students may choose to major or minor in Education Studies, and majors may elect to complete an honors thesis.

Any undergraduate may begin fulfilling requirements for the major or minor at any time, without formal admission; however, students should consult the Education Studies faculty advisor not later than the start of the junior year to plan their course of study.

Please note that neither the major nor minor in Education Studies leads to a teaching license.  Students interested in becoming licensed to teach preschool, elementary, or secondary school should investigate the minor in teacher education.