Teacher Induction Program

"My first month of teaching has been wonderful, and I have you and the MAT program to thank! I have felt extremely prepared to handle everything that has come my way. It has not by any stretch been a walk in the park, but I haven't felt panicked at all. It is almost as if I don't have to think about what to do next because I already know, I've practiced or discussed it so many times. I definitely still have a lot a lot to learn, but I have the framework on which to build. I supposed this is what it would feel like to have very successfully trained for a marathon or some other large athletic feat. So, thank you!" - Elizabeth Egan, MAT'15

At Brandeis, we believe that teacher learning continues throughout the professional lifespan. For this reason, we provide ongoing “induction” support for all of our alumni who teach in Greater Boston (and beyond, as resources permit). We are grateful for the generosity and foresight of Dolores Kohl and the A.V. Davis Foundation, whose support helps make this possible.

For the new teacher, induction is a bridge between being a prospective teacher and being a full-fledged professional educator (at which point you’ll add mentoring to your roster of responsibilities, we hope). As a first-year or early-career professional, you will face many challenges. Not only are you responsible for a classroom of students, but you are also negotiating the culture of your school, continuing to develop your identity as a teacher, and becoming an active member of a professional community.

All this can be both exhilarating and daunting, but you will not be alone. The Brandeis Education Program is here to help you. Whether you complete our undergraduate program, the MAT program or a teacher-education program in one of the other CETE colleges, we have an induction program to support your needs.

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