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Induction Network

As you begin your first position in teaching, know that these first years of teaching can be thrilling, exhausting and, at times, daunting! The good news is that you don’t need to be alone. The Brandeis Teacher Induction Program (TIP) was founded in 2003 in conjunction with the Consortium for Excellence in Teacher Education. Our goal is to help you navigate and grow through these beginning years.

Through monthly dinner meetings, beginning teachers participate in faculty-guided professional-development activities that offer hands-on skills and knowledge and develop a strong social-support network that provides perspective on an often-daunting job. Our flexible, teacher-driven curriculum provides differentiated support to teachers in their first through sixth years of teaching.

For first- and second-year teachers, discussions focus on classroom issues and school culture, while always keeping an eye on the bigger picture and questions of social justice. For third- through sixth-year teachers who are ready to look beyond the classroom, discussions center on developing teacher leadership skills, making effective change within our schools and being a strong colleague. Teachers at all levels have time to exchange ideas and concerns, and through these activities, to develop the social-support network that is essential to creating a safe place to explore, learn, share and build satisfying careers.