Why Brandeis

“As an educator, its impact was profound. I spent weeks with like-minded teachers, wrestling over questions pedagogy and philosophy, my head spinning with the plans and goals and ideas.Even beyond the professional capacity though, the experience changed me as a person. It radically shifted the way I approach reflection, communication, involvement (both in and out of school), and my own sense of place in the community.” - Chaim Steinberg. Cohort II

The Brandeis Teacher Leadership Program is unique  in a number of ways:

  • Focus on two entwined domains or strands of leadership: instructional and institutional/policy change.
  • Choice of an AGS (13 months) or a master’s degree (2 years).
  • Combination of face-to-face in summer and distance learning during the academic year
  • Context sensitive, designed to address the needs of teachers from diverse school settings (traditional public schools, charter schools, independent schools and Jewish day schools). Our courses recognize the importance of context in order to help teacher leaders be as effective as possible in their particular schools.
  • Cohorted program in which participants will provide ongoing support to each other during and after the program.
  • Professional on-the-ground coaching to support teacher leaders during the academic year.
  • Principal involvement and support. Principals nominate candidates as part of the admissions process and participate in a principals’ workshop during the first academic year.
  • Geographic diversity. Our cohorts will eventually be drawn from specific geographic regions (3-5 cities) to allow for ongoing face-to-face as well as virtual meetings during the year.

Summer Semester dates

Summer semester starts on July 2  and ends on July 19.