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The Brandeis Education Program supports the recent calls for greater diversity within the Brandeis community. Our faculty, students and university will greatly benefit from the presence of more professors and students of color. We are committed to doing our part to making this happen. We further support a safe learning environment for all our students. We recognize the importance of the issues raised by #FordHall2015 and efforts to engage our community in an open discussion of pressing questions of racial justice and inclusion on our campus and in our society.

As educators we also ask:  What should faculty and students be reading and discussing together? What structures would provide safe settings for serious and critical discussion? How can our students play a leadership role in these conversations? These issues are especially salient for us as educators concerned about the quality of public education and troubled by the persistent inequities in our schools and society.  We will to continue our work to raise and answer these questions with our students and colleagues.

MAT Research Presentations and Graduation Celebration
Friday, July 22, 2016, Hassenfeld Conference Center

Teacher Leadership Program Orientation
July 5, 2016, Mandel Center for the Humanities

MAT Orientation and Retreat
June 20 and June 26, 2016

MAT Students Celebrate the Chinese New Year
February 11, 2016, Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex, Brandeis Campus

"My First Month of Teaching"
November 2015

Ashton Gildea's (MAT'15) Conference Proposal Accepted by AERA
April 9, 2016

Daniel Braunfeld, Brandeis'03, Making a Difference in Education
November 10, 2015

MAT Symposium: "Mindfulness in Teaching" with speaker, Dr. Christopher Willard
November 12, 2015, Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex, Brandeis Campus

Tim Marten, MAT'15, Sings his Research Project
July 24, 2015, Hassenfeld Conference Center, Brandeis Campus

Listen to a Podcast about Emanuel Gardiner's (MAT'15) Research Project, "Singing the Narrative"
July 24, 2015, Hassenfeld Conference Center, Brandeis Campus

Cynthia Massillon, MAT'12, Receives MCSS Award
May 2015

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