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James Rosenbloom is the Religious Studies Liaison at Farber Library.  Check out his webpage!

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The modern field of religious studies is an important part of a liberal arts education, allowing for the study of religious thought, ritual, culture, history and texts, often in a comparative context. Interdisciplinarian by design, Brandeis' Program in Religious Studies exposes students to each of these religious manifestations through a wide variety of scholarly and pedagogical approaches as well as thought provoking speakers and cultural events.

Although it is not mandatory, the PRS journey is best begun with a course that surveys a variety of religions.   REL 107a, ANTH 80a, and NEJS 3a  presently all fulfill this Core Course requirement.   For a complete list of requirements  please go to the Minor Requirements page

Brandeis, with its commitment to moral and social responsibility, and the wide range of ethnic and religious traditions represented in the student body, provides a unique context for the study of religions in a climate of curiosity and sympathetic understanding.

Please go to this link to read the Program for Religious Studies' Learning Goals