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Brandeis University was established in 1948 and rapidly entered the ranks of elite universities. Early in its second decade it earned Phi Beta Kappa recognition, and in its fourth decade it was admitted into the Association of American Universities, the organization of leading research universities in America.

While Brandeis has grown over the past 64 years, the liberal arts remain at the core of the university. This is part of our distinctive identity. As a research university, we attract faculty who are leading scholars, scientists, and creative artists. From the inception of the university, the Brandeis faculty, whose mission also includes teaching of exceptional quality, have been exemplary in their scholarly achievements.

As the smallest and youngest school in the AAU, Brandeis prides itself on trying to kindle in our students the drive to discover, create, and innovate in their own chosen domains. And we help them develop the knowledge and tools they will need to be rigorous thinkers and thoughtful actors. Through research and teaching, we hope that our students will find and hone their intellectual voices and continue to contribute knowledge and improve the world for others.

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