Fellow Profiles

MLK Fellows come from all backgrounds and have varied interests. They are focused on developing their leadership skills and giving back to the community.

Kyra Frazier ’21

Kyra Frazier

Kyra Frazier ’21 was raised in Atlanta and discovered Brandeis in the midst of her college search process. After she found out that she was a recipient of the MLK Fellowship, she began to fall more in love with the school, especially given its history of social justice. It only took one visit to campus for her to know that Brandeis was going to be her home for the next four years of her life. During her time at Brandeis, she has found a deeper love for social justice and activism by participating in student-led initiatives.

Kyra was able to hone in on her interest for different cultures after taking an introductory course in Anthropology, one year later, she declared her major in Anthropology and later a minor in African and African American studies. She is now looking forward to pursuing a career in higher education to work with students of color in the hopes of assisting them through the university experience similar to her own. She has been able to develop new perspectives about her own identity as a Black woman through navigating life at a PWI and take enhancing courses in African and African American studies and the Anthropology department from well-known professors like Patricia Alvarez Astacio (Anthropology) and Amber Spry (AAAS).

During Kyra's time at Brandeis she has been able to participate in many different clubs, leadership positions, and community outreach. She worked at the Office of Student Financial Services for two years, giving students and parents advice and information about financial aid affairs at Brandeis. Additionally, she was a member of the Platinum Step Team for two years and serves as the current president of the Women of Color Alliance. Her community outreach includes service activities with the MLK Fellows as well as volunteering with the Waltham Group’s Companions 2 Elders program in her early Brandeis years. She was also a Community Engagement Ambassador for Assessment and Impact in the 2019-2020 school year. This position allowed her to work with student service leaders to show the impact of service at Brandeis as well as emphasize the importance of assessing the effectiveness of community engagement.

She has served on the MLK Fellows Advisory Board since her sophomore year, where she has been able to plan service and bonding events for the fellowship, in addition to being a “buddy” to first-year MLK Fellows. The MLK Fellowship has provided Kyra with a stable group of peers, friends, and advisers who are endlessly supportive and make Brandeis truly feel like home away from home.

Ihsan Mulyono ’22

Ihsan MulyonoIhsan Mulyono ’22 is a junior double-majoring in Biology and Business. As a Massachusetts native, Ihsan was well aware of Brandeis and the outstanding reputation of its professors. During his first visit, Ihsan was so moved by how engaging and welcoming the students were that he knew Brandeis would be a suitable second home. As a student, Ihsan found his intellectual curiosity flourished as he was able to pursue his interests in policy, law, and business while also fostering his love for the sciences.

During his freshman year, Ihsan was nervous about meeting all the new people as well as having roommates. These emotions soon faded when he introduced himself to all the students in his hallway. Soon, these strangers became like family whom Ihsan still connects with to this day. Together, they enjoyed playing intramural sports, making vlogs, and exploring Boston on the weekends.

Outside of the classroom, Ihsan spends his free time with the Muslim Students Association and volunteering with the Waltham Group. He also dedicates time for his internship as a software recruiter: a job he credits to helping develop his interpersonal skills and business acumen through the synergy he has with his colleagues and clients. To unwind from the classroom, Ihsan plays soccer with the Brandeis Football Club and makes gains in the weight room. During the summer, he works for his town ambulance as an EMT.

After college, Ihsan hopes to spend a couple years as a management consultant. Afterwards, he hopes to finally make the decision between business or medical school. The MLK Fellowship has provided Ihsan with the mentorship of advisers and upperclassmen. Additionally, it has kept Ihsan centered to his commitment to serve others while also helping him to chase after his dreams.

Sheila Malley ‘22

Sheila MalleySheila Malley ‘22 is a junior interested in double majoring in Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP) and Business with a minor in International and Global Studies (IGS). Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, she applied to Brandeis because of the University’s strength in a multitude of fields, allowing her the opportunity to explore different areas of interest at a high-academic level and her acceptance as an MLK Fellow solidified her decision to attend.

While at Brandeis, Sheila has been involved in a variety of on-campus jobs, volunteering groups, and clubs. She’s worked as a live light and sound technician for Student Production Services and as a Teaching Assistant at Lemberg’s Children’s Center. She volunteers with several Waltham Group organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Junior Brandeis Achievers, and SPECTRUM, all of which focus on creating early exposure to higher education and accessibility to educational resources through mentorship for kids in the Waltham area. Sheila likes to stay physically active and is currently the Field Manager for the Women’s Brandeis Football Club. She is also the first MLK Fellow to recieve the Giumette Academic Achievement Award (GAAA) and was selected to sit on the New Student Book Forum Committee which chose the book for the Class of 2024.

In her course-work, Sheila is interested in studying the intersection of business and healthcare in order to work towards increasing accessibility to healthcare resources in the future and improve the current healthcare system. She has also had many unique opportunities to intern at various non-profit organizations in the Las Vegas area. These organizations include the Quiet Storm Foundation which work towards positively impacting underrepresented youth by providing educational and recreational opportunities, SCE Federal Credit Union which assists in providing banking accessibility to underserved areas through community outreach initiatives, and Golden Rainbow which seeks to to provide housing, education, and direct financial assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Nevada.

After college, Sheila is considering furthering her education by pursuing a Master’s degree. She has interests in studying International and Global Finance through the BA/MA program as an IBS Scholar at Brandeis, Health Administration, and/or general Business Administration.