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Majors and Minors Other Information
Aneesh Avancha Neuroscience, Biology, minor in Chemistry Pre-Health Student, Student-Athlete, Student of Color
Rebecca Brandon History and European Cultural Studies, minor in Anthropology Humanities Fellow
Haley Brown American Studies and Film Television and Interactive Media, minors in English, Legal Studies and Creative Writing Pre-Law Student
Emma Canter Psychology and Women and Gender Studies, minor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Midyear Student, LGBTQ+
Topaz Fernandez Fragoso Politics, minors in Arabic and Legal Studies First-Generation College Student, Student of Color, Student Support Services Program (SSSP)
Tianyi Gao Economics and Business, intended minor in East Asian Studies International Student, Gateway Scholar, Student of Color
Beck Gold Neuroscience Student-Athlete, Pre-Health Student, LGBTQ+
Ryan Partlan Linguistics, Mathematics, minor in Computer Science Midyear Student, LGBTQ+
Sasha Sha Biology, minor in Health Science Society and Policy International Student, Pre-Health Student, Student of Color
Luca Swinford Health Science Society and Policy (BA) and Education Studies Pre-Law Student, Student with a Disability 

Jessica Tai

Psychology and Health Science Society and Policy (BS) First-Generation College Student, Student of Color

Marissa Torelli

Politics, International and Global Studies, minors in African and African-American Studies and Legal Studies Pre-Law student, Student of Color

Nathalie Vieux-Gresham

Neuroscience (BS/MS) Posse Scholar, Student of Color

Shania Thomas

MPP Candidate, Health Policy Graduate Assistant