Undergraduate Departmental Representatives Program

Role of Roosevelt Fellows and UDRs

Roosevelt Fellows and UDRs both serve as curricular peer advisers, although their roles differ. UDRs offer advice specific to a department or program, and have the responsibility of serving as a liaison/resource for faculty and students of a specific department or program.  

Category Roosevelt Fellows UDRs
Who They Are Juniors and seniors who are trained to serve as peer academic advisors. Juniors and seniors who serve as liaisons/resources for students and faculty of a specific department or program.
Resource For All undergraduates, with focused outreach to first-year and transfer students Faculty and staff of their department or program, all undergraduates, and prospective students.
Academic Advising Focus RFs are generalists who offer curricular and academic policy advising about all academic departments and programs. They offer curricular advice specific to the department or program that they represent.

Advise on:

  • Academic planning
  • Course registration
  • Academic policies
  • Academic decision-making
  • Accessing campus resources
  • School/life balance
  • Building relationships with professors
  • Brandeis Core and major/minor requirements
  • Exploring majors and minors
  • Getting involved in research
  • Transitioning to college
Host a few academic events every semester (e.g., Rosie Recommends, ice cream social).

For their department or program:

  • Serve as liaisons for students and faculty
  • Critically examine departmental or program needs
  • Initiate community-building activities
  • Provide peer advising
  • Participate in faculty job searches
  • May attend departmental or program meetings to discuss undergraduate issues
  • Plan sessions on relevant topics (i.e. internships, research opportunities)
  • Serve as a resource and representative for majors/minors
Serve as ambassadors at Admitted Students Day and academic fairs.
How to Contact Through email, at academic events or on the second floor of Usdan Student Center during their scheduled drop-in hours. Refer to the UDR website for each UDR’s contact information.
Reporting Organization The Office of Academic Services supervises Roosevelt Fellows. The Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences coordinates the overall UDR program. Faculty and staff of each department or program supervise their UDRs.