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Do you have a suggestion about how Academic Services can better support faculty?  Please email your ideas to Erika Smith, Dean of Academic Services.

For Faculty


Academic Services is a resource for both students and for faculty.  If you have a student who has missed a significant number of classes or who is struggling in your class, please contact us.  We are also happy to answer questions about academic policies and regulations.

Erin Flood (              
Last names beginning A-C

Katy McLaughlin (              
Last names beginning D-G

Julia Mani (
Last names beginning H-K

LaKiyah Russell (
Last names beginning L-M

Brian Koslowski (           
Last names beginning N-R 

Katie Dunn (
On Leave

Note: Students with last names S-Z can work with any academic advisor.

If you would like to speak to an advisor by phone, please feel free to call our office at x63470.