Sidebar Module

This is the time to check your degree audit to find out where you are in terms of progressing toward graduation.  This is also the time to pull in any AP credits that you plan to use toward your degree but that you have not yet brought into your Brandeis record.

Junior Year Advising

As as a junior, the majority of your academic advising will be provided by your major and, if applicable, minor advisors. These advisors can provide important insights into your field(s) of study.  Equally important is that you begin to check your degree audit in Sage to ensure that all of your university requirements are being met.  By the end of your junior year, you want to make sure that most, if not all, of your university requirements have been completed and that you are on track for graduation.  This is also a time that you want to work with the Hiatt Career Center to explore internships, graduate school, and career opportunities.

Major/Minor Faculty Advisors

Each major and minor department independently determines which classes will and will not be counted towards the completion of that major and minor.  For this reason, it is very important that you have regular contact with your faculty advisor in your major and minor field(s). Faculty members can help you shape your curriculum, ensure that you have a balanced course load, and discuss various graduate school opportunities with you.

Academic Advisors

You are assigned an Academic Advisor from the Office of Academic Services when you enter Brandeis who will stay with you throughout your years at Brandeis.  Your academic advisor is responsible for ensuring that, as a member of the junior class, you are aware of the resources you need to be successful in the classroom.  As part of the Academic Services team, your advisor is available to provide regular advising and work with you on any academic questions you may have.  Academic Advisors are also a resource for addressing matters such as long term academic planning, developing successful academic plans, pursuing career and academic aspirations, as well as more short term issues such as resolving course scheduling problems.

Hiatt Career Center

Junior year is a popular time to find internships and to explore careers.  The Hiatt Career Center can be an important resource as you consider post-Brandeis plans.