Welcome to your Junior year at Brandeis University!


As a junior, you start out your year with a major and have the freedom to focus more specifically on your chosen field of study as well as continue to pursue other areas of interest.

  • This year is a great opportunity to develop closer relationships with faculty and to strengthen your leadership skills in one of the many clubs or organizations here at Brandeis. 
  • Along with over 40 % of the junior class, you may choose to spend a semester or an entire academic year studying abroad in one of the over 250 programs offered through our Study Abroad Office. 
  • Juniors who do not study abroad will find this year an excellent time to explore career options through internships, volunteer work or part-time employment.
  • If you are thinking of writing an honors thesis in your senior year, this is the time to begin planning.  Explore topic ideas, talk with professors in your major field to see who shares your interest in possible topics, visit science labs to discover what research is currently being done and who has openings for students.

We wish you much success this year!

Office of Academic Services
Usdan 130