Academic Calendar

Printing out the academic calendar and highlighting the important academic deadlines is a great way to be organized and informed. 

Some important dates and deadlines to highlight:

  • Last day to add classes and drop class without the instructor's permission.
  • Last day to elect a pass/fail option for the current term and to request a P grade for the preceding term.
  • Last day for undergraduates to drop courses without a "W" transcript notation (instructor's permission required).
  • Pre-registration period for the next term.
  • Last day to drop courses with a "W" transcript notation (instructor's permission required).

Academic Support


In addition to talking with your instructor and/or TA, there are several free academic resources available on campus.

The Office of Academic Services offers the Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study. BUGS is a program that provides peer tutoring to all undergraduate students. Sessions are led by knowledgeable and non-judgmental students who have already taken the class. They are recommended by faculty members to help students better understand course material, prepare for an exam, or answer any questions relating to the class. There is no need to make an appointment - just show up during the designated times. Please visit the BUGS web site to view the current schedule.

The Writing Center is another excellent resource. Their consultants are advanced graduate students from a variety of academic departments with demonstrated writing ability and teaching experience.  They are available to assist with writing assignments across the disciplines at any stage of development and help you with term papers, application essays, short assignments, and most of your writing needs. Please visit the Writing Center's website to reserve an appointment.

Tips for a Successful Semester

  • Be prepared.  Print out a copy of the academic calendar from the Registrar’s website so you are aware of important academic deadlines.  Highlight important dates such as the end of the add/drop period and the last day to drop a course without a “W” transcript notation.
  • Be proactive. Talk to your professor during their open office hours.  Visit the writing center if you need assistance with a paper.  If you have any questions about a lecture or course work, have it clarified by the professor, T.A., or a classmate immediately before it leads to more confusion in class.
  • Be in contact.  Connect with your academic advisor by setting up consistent meetings
  • Be consistent.  The same way you watch your favorite television program at a set day and time, you should have a regular study schedule for your course work.
  • Prioritize.  Academic success is what will bring you closer to graduation and obtaining the Brandeis diploma.  It may be temporarily sacrificing an extra-curricular activity in the time being until you are ready to incorporate it back into a balanced schedule.