Want a Faculty Perspective?

The Undergraduate Advising Heads are faculty members who can explain the requirements of majors and help you to declare a major or a minor.

Sophomore Year Advising

As as a sophomore, many students continue to meet with their Faculty/Staff advisor from their first year.  Other students discover that their academic interests have changed, and they are no longer interested in the same majors or minors as when they were first year students.  As a sophomore, you have a range of advising options available to you, including your academic advisor, who will stay with you throughout your years at Brandeis.

Undergraduate Advising Heads

Undergraduate Advising Heads (UAH) are faculty advisors within the various majors and minors. These faculty are a wonderful resource as you are exploring different majors and minors and they can help you better understand how the curriculum of a particular major is structured and what you would need to do to major in that field. You will ultimately meet with the appropriate UAH to officially declare your major at the end of your fourth semester.

Undergraduate Department Representatives

Sometimes a peer perspective can be helpful as you decide different academic paths. Undergraduate Department Representatives (UDR) are students who serve as peer advisors for various majors and minors.  They offer individual advising sessions and organize departmental events such as Meet the Majors throughout the academic year. 

Academic Advisors

You are assigned an Academic Advisor from the Office of Academic Services when you enter Brandeis who will stay with you throughout your years at Brandeis.  Your academic advisor is responsible for ensuring that, as a member of the sophomore class, you are aware of the resources you need to be successful in the classroom.  As part of the Academic Services team, your advisor is available to provide regular advising and work with you on any academic questions you may have.  Academic Advisors are also a resource for addressing matters such as long term academic planning, developing successful academic plans, pursuing career and academic aspirations as well as more short term issues such as resolving course scheduling problems.