Undergraduate Departmental Representatives Program

Outstanding UDR Award

Each spring, the School of Arts and Sciences presents an Outstanding UDR Award to one or more Undergraduate Departmental Representatives who have performed their duties at an exceptionally high level.

Recipients are recognized at the annual Prize and Award ceremony and receive a $100 prize.

Nominations for the award are made by faculty, staff and students using the following criteria to measure a UDR's performance:

  • Is proactive in responding to the needs of the department/program.
  • Promotes community among students and faculty within the department/program.
  • Creates a presence for the department/program throughout the Brandeis community and serves as an advocate for the major/minor.

Nominations will be due February 15, 2024 and nominees will be expected to write a self-evaluation.

Please direct any questions to Brynn Sibley.  

2023 Recipients

  • Angela Sun ’23, Creative Arts Lead UDR and Art History (FA) UDR
  • Aviva Weinstein ’23, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS) UDR
  • Isabelle Shiiba ’24, Biological Physics (BIPH) UDR
  • Madison Dulong ’23, Independent Interdisciplinary Major (IIM) UDR

Past Recipients

Year Recipients
  • Lydia Begag ’22, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) UDR
  • Haley Brown ’22, Legal Studies (LGLS) UDR
  • Emma Ghalili ’22, Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP) UDR, At-Large Lead UDR
  • Addison Antonoff ’22, Russian Studies (RUS) UDR
  • Alyssa Rider ’22, Russian Studies (RUS) UDR
  • Anna Cass ’21, Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation (CAST) UDR
  • Camryn Cohen ’21 Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) UDR
  • Cassipea Stith ’21, Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) UDR
  • Jessica Wei ’21, Philosophy (PHIL) UDR
  • Rachel Greene ’20, Theater Arts (THA) UDR
  • Renee Korgood ’20, Politics (POL) UDR and Social Sciences Lead UDR
  • Michael Leung ’20, Computer Science (COSI) UDR
  • Dustine Reich ’20, Neuroscience (NEUR) UDR
  • Akshiti Todi ’19 and Lauren Puglisi ’19, Psychology (PSYC) UDRs
  • Jennifer Geller ’19 and Maurice Windley ’19, Chemistry (CHEM) UDRs
  • Rachel Moore ’19, English (ENG) UDR
  • Lily He ’19, Neuroscience (NEUR) UDR
  • Roza Azene ’18, Economics (ECON) UDR
  • Rebecca Kahn ’18, Creative Writing (ENG-CW) UDR
  • Caroline Kaye ’18 and Selen Amado ’18, Psychology (PSYC) UDRs
  • Shikha Chandarana ’17, Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) UDR
  • Remi Boros ’17 and Margaret Morris ’17, Physics (PHYS) UDRs
  • Lori Shapiro ’17, Business (BUS) UDR