Training and Equipment

Members of the corps are all Massachusetts-certified emergency medical technician (EMTs). The minimum training for an EMT required by the Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services involves a 130-hour contact course, practical experience and a state examination.

BEMCo provides additional continuing education to prepare members to handle the kinds of emergencies that are common on campus and to maintain skill and knowledge proficiency.

Active BEMCo members are required to attend a minimum of three continuing education classes each semester. Classes cover a wide range of emergency medical services, include simulated call scenarios, and are approved for credit by the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS).

For more information contact the Training Officer.


BEMCo vehicles

BEMCo operates two Class V ambulances: a 2018 Chevrolet Suburban and a 2015 Ford Explorer. These vehicles are equipped with full emergency vehicle lighting and sirens. They function as Primary and Supervisor emergency medical response vehicles, respectively. The BEMCo ambulances carry basic life support (BLS) equipment in excess with the regulations outlined for Class V ambulances in the state of Massachusetts. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • burn kits

  • defibrillators

  • electric suction and airway management equipment

  • extrication equipment

  • infection control equipment

  • medications

    • albuterol

    • aspirin

    • epinephrine

    • glucose

    • naloxone (narcan)

    • oxygen

  • obstetrics supplies

  • spinal immobilization devices

  • splinting devices

If a patient requires additional advanced life support care, BEMCo will request an ambulance from an outside agency for transport to a local hospital or trauma center.

Neither ambulance transports patients, as per state regulations.