Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo)

Campus Automated External Defibrillators


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In February of 2019, Brandeis was awarded the designation of HeartSAFE campus with the assistance of BEMCo.  HeartSAFE is a distinction given by the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation, the American Heart Association, and several other organizations. HeartSAFE communities offer public access AEDs, training in CPR & AED use, an emergency action plan, and a commitment to rapid advanced cardiac care. The title of HeartSAFE campus denotes a campus' commitment to heart safety on campus!

Page Updated 1/10/2023

Public Access Defibrillators

Publicly accessible Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can be found in the following locations on campus:



60 Turner Street

Bernstein-Marcus Admin Center


Feldberg Communications Center

At end of hallway from Volen entrance

Gosman Sports and Convocation Center

Cardio Room

Linsey South Street Entrance

Linsey Pool Area

Weight Rooom

Hassenfeld Conference Center

At the intersection of the Hassenfeld hallway and the Stein hallway

Heller-Brown Building

2nd floor, on the right when you enter through the entrance closest to ASAC

Kutz Hall

Right in front of the registrar

Lemberg Academic Center (IBS)

In the atrium/cafeteria, next to the food stop. Use the first entrance to the building on the right

Side entrance close to Rose

2nd Floor, top floor of Lemberg

Library (Goldfarb)

Across from the bottom of the stairs to the Green Room

Lown Center for Judaica Studies

Mandel Center for the Humanities

2nd floor, in the corridor that joins Mandel to Olin Sang

Rabb School

Top of the ramp inside the second door

Sachar International Center

Sacher Atrium

Shapiro Campus Center Atrium

Next to the info booth

On the wall near the elevators

Usdan Student Center

Next to Department of Community Living

Stop the Bleed

The following locations contain a Stop the Bleed kit:



Usdan Student Center

Next to AED

Shapiro Campus Center Atrium

Next to AED

Library (Farber)

Next to AED

Library (Goldfarb)

Closest to Usdan side entrance, on wall in between computer space and study space

Gosman Sports and Convocation Center

Athletic Director's Office Next to AED

In corridor on track level farthest from track entrance