Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo)

BEMCo Requirements and Forms

Every new member must complete the following forms, which will be given out by the administrator:

  • General application
  • "No Contact Order" information form
  • Hep B vaccination information
  • Health Information Form (optional)
  • Copy of certifications: The BEMCo Administrator will take copy your CPR/EMT certifications and driver’s license and it will be kept on file.
  • Skills Check: Administered by the current Training Officer
  • Map Test: All new members must pass a map test to ensure knowledge of the campus buildings, parking lots, and general layout. All new members must also know the locations of all of the AEDs on campus and will be tested on this material as well.

Additionally, all new BEMCo members will receive a BEMCo number, which serves the same purpose as your EMT number, but is specific to our organization

What to bring to New Member Orientation

  • Application

  • Hep B vaccination information

  • No Contact Order Form

  • CPR card

  • EMT-B card (NREMT and MA)

  • Driver’s License