UDR Peer Advising

The Brandeis Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs) are a group of juniors and seniors whose job it is to advise, plan events, and generally be a resource for their fellow majors. The 2022-2023 UDRs are Spencer Clark '23, Anthony Djoko '23, and Ken Kirio '24. 

Meet the 2022-2023 Biochemistry UDRs

Spencer Clark
Biochemistry Undergraduate Department Representative (UDR)

Spencer ClarkSpencer is a senior from Mercer Island, Washington pursuing a BS/MS in Biochemistry and a double major in Chemistry. He is fascinated by the extraordinary nature of enzymatic catalysis and its influences within synthetic chemistry. He conducts research in the Hao Xu lab exploring the stereoselectivity of glycosylation reactions. He is the co-founder and current President of the Brandeis Biochemistry Club. Additionally, he is a teaching assistant for Organic Chemistry (Chem25a & b). Outside of the lab and classroom, he is an avid soccer fan and enjoys going on runs around the Waltham area. Spencer is excited to serve his fellow majors as a Biochemistry UDR and to share his scientific passions with others.

Anthony Djoko
Biochemistry Undergraduate Department Representative (UDR)

Anthony DjokoAnthony Djoko is a senior on the BS/MS track for biochemistry, and he is also majoring in biological physics. On campus, he works in the Duclos lab on collective cell migration and how cell contractility affects tissue mechanics. He is also the Events Coordinator for the Biochemistry club. Besides science related activities, Anthony is a music director for Brandeis’s award-winning male a cappella group, Brandeis VoiceMale.

Anthony is happy to help if anyone has any questions about the biochemistry major.

Ken Kirio
Biochemistry Undergraduate Department Representative (UDR)

Ken KirioKen is pursuing a BS/MS in Biochemistry and a double major in Computer Science. As a UDR, he hopes to bridge the gap between the natural sciences and computer science. He is interested in the molecular mechanism of aging and works in the Kadener Lab studying the role of circular RNA in this process. In addition, Ken is the Biochemistry Club Treasurer, a coordinator for General Tutoring, and a teaching assistant for Physics Lab (Phys19). He also enjoys rock climbing and playing the trombone. Ken is happy to help anyone with questions about biochemistry at Brandeis.

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