Israel, Politics, and Birthright Israel: Findings from the Summer 2017 Cohort

Leonard Saxe, Michelle Shain, Graham Wright, and Shahar Hecht

August 2019

Report cover for "Israel, Politics and birthright Israel: Findings from the Summer 2017 Cohort" Leonard saxe, Michelle shain, Graham Wright, Shahar Hecht, August 2019. with illustration of 3 adolescents with arms around each other seen from behind, withThis report assesses Birthright’s effectiveness in providing a balanced educational program to participants from diverse backgrounds. In particular, the report examines Birthright’s impact on the summer 2017 cohort’s feelings of connection to Israel, engagement with Israel, and views regarding particular Israeli policies and investigates whether the program’s impact was different for political liberals versus conservatives. Two surveys of North American Birthright applicants, conducted one to three months before the trip and three to six months after the trip, form the basis of the report.

Key Findings

Bar Chart titled "To What Extent do you feel a connection to Israel?" with indicators for "somewhat" and "very much", divided by Liberal, moderate and conservative demographics