Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies

Learning from Taglit-Birthright Israel: An Academic Symposium

June 11-12, 2013
Brandeis University

Taglit-Birthright Israel is the largest single Jewish educational program in the world today. Since it was launched in 1999, Taglit has brought nearly 350,000 Diaspora young adults to Israel and engaged another 60,000 Israeli peers.

The first Taglit academic conference, held in May 2012 at Brandeis University, focused on expanding the number and diversity of scholars, researchers and public policy intellectuals engaged in examination of Taglit. Specifically, it offered an opportunity to explore Taglit as a social experiment in educational innovation, to review and integrate current research knowledge about its impact and to extend learning about the program to theory and practice.

This second conference was designed to extend academic discussion of Taglit. In particular, the goal of the conference was to consider Taglit from the perspective of Israeli culture and society, as well as its role in promoting Israel-Diaspora relations. The conference brought together Israeli and Diaspora scholars in discussion about Taglit, Jewish identity, education, and the relationship of Israel and the Diaspora.

The conference featured a set of interactive symposia, keynote addresses and small group sessions with an emphasis on dialogue and deliberation.

Speakers and Participants