Beyond Welcoming: Engaging Intermarried Couples in Jewish Life

Michelle Shain, Leonard Saxe, Fern Chertok, Graham Wright, Shahar Hecht, Theodore Sasson

August 2019

"Beyond Welcoming: Engaging Intermarried Couples in Jewish Life" cover“Beyond Welcoming” is the first large-scale study of the marriages and committed relationships of Gen X and millennial Jews, and the first to systematically collect data from non-Jewish partners about their backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. The study was designed with the goal of understanding which programs and policy initiatives would best serve the Jewish community in an era where intermarriage is pervasive and young adults in the United States are distancing themselves from religion and religious institutions.

The findings of this study draw on survey data collected from both members of 607 Jewish+Jewish couples and 521 Jewish+non-Jewish couples. Couples were either married, engaged, or cohabiting. Data was collected in spring/summer 2017.

Key Findings

Religious Background


Jewish and Religious Identification and Engagement