Former CEAP Ambassador Projects

In its pilot year, the four selected 2018-2019 Community Engagement Ambassadors served an integral role within the Department of Community Service. They each strengthened Brandeis’ overall community engagement impact through coordination across service clubs and campus and community partners.


Maya London '19 (Training & Retention)

Maya London '19 (Training & Retention) took the lead on developing trainings and resources for community service clubs and volunteers at Brandeis. This year, Maya facilitated a workshop for over 100 participants called Waltham: The More You Know, which allows students to think critically about their role in the Waltham community and how they can be the best community member during service. She redesigned the training by increasing multimedia use and adding new and engaging infographics and a new set of discussion questions and activities. 

Maya worked with facilitators to design an engaging curriculum for the Community Engaged Leader Series, a 5-week training course for new Waltham Group coordinators and club leaders on such topics as volunteer recruitment and retention, community partnerships, and program management. Further, Maya designed this first ever All-Volunteer Online Training in the fall and ran a pilot program in the spring with great success. 100+ volunteers completed the training, which created a streamlined process for new volunteers to learn volunteer expectations and basic risk management skills, and discover resources. Finally, Maya designed a Reflection Resources website for community service club leaders to access activities and information to lead engaging and impactful reflections. 

Emily Kessler '19 (Assessment & Impact)

Emily Kessler '19 (Assessment & Impact) worked with campus and community partners to create and implement strategic assessment initiatives to evaluate the impact of community engagement programs at Brandeis and help strengthen the effectiveness of our work. 

Emily assessed the need for a faculty engagement program by holding focus groups with community partners and faculty and staff, created a comprehensive assessment template for the Department of Community Service’s Core Competencies and Learning Outcomes, designed an assessment of all Alternative Break programs at Brandeis, built a Community Partnerships Strengths and Needs Assessment, drafted definitions of critical terms in community engagement, and developed strategic recommendation reports based on all assessment results. 

Emily said, “A major highlight was getting to attend the Community Partner Listening Session that was a part of the president's framework for the future. I see major areas of improvement and success in the coming years in part as a result of assessments and recommendation reports I produced, especially about Alternative Spring Break trips and the Community Partnerships Strengths and Needs Assessment, which aimed to assess who our community partners are, how they view our current partnership, how they feel about volunteers, what their needs are and how DCS can be a better partner in the future.” 

Bits Sangiorgi ’20 (Partnerships & Collaboration)

Bits Sangiorgi ’20 (Partnerships & Collaboration) took the lead on building strategic partnerships for the Department of Community Service, assisted community service clubs and Waltham Group programs to utilize partnerships and collaboration to increase their impact, and supported our campus and community partners in order to promote resource and knowledge sharing and reciprocal partnerships. 

This past year, Bits created a new centralized community partner master list and database, connected clubs to new service opportunities, coordinated a listening tour with our community partners to inform the President’s framework for the future of Brandeis, and connected and partnered with various groups on and off campus such as connecting the Brandeis robotics team with Junior Brandeis Achievers for their afterschool programming with local elementary schools. Further, Bits gathered and organized perspectives and materials from the Waltham community to improve student leader and volunteer trainings, drafted material for a community partner portal on the new Department of Community Service website, and attended many one-to-one and professional development meetings. 

Maegann Stafford ’19 (Marketing & Outreach)

Maegann Stafford ’19 (Marketing & Outreach) took the lead on marketing initiatives for the Department of Community Service and assisted community service clubs and Waltham Group programs to implement high-impact marketing and outreach practices. 

This past year, Maegann created new and innovative marketing tools, materials, and strategies to help promote community engagement programs campus-wide. To name just a few highlights, Maegann developed a new logo for the CEAP program, supported community service clubs with their outreach and promotions with flyers, tabling, film and on social media platforms, raised campus awareness of signature community engagement programs and initiatives including Waltham: The More You Know, the Commitment to Service Award 

Program, and Volunteer Appreciation, captured stock photos at community service events, and began the process of collecting testimonies to highlight the efforts of student leaders, volunteers, alumni, and partners. Further, Maegann participated in professional development trainings and workshops on digital marketing and ArcGIS, a geographic information system to inform her work as an Ambassador.