Any Brandeis student in good academic standing (GPA 3.0 or above) is eligible to apply. Each student can submit only one proposal in a grant cycle. If a proposal is not funded, you may reapply in another grant cycle with a new project or a revision of the original proposal. Students who receive grants may also reapply in another grant cycle with a new project or a new presentation of their funded project that significantly improves or enhances the quality or sustainability of the program. Although we encourage students to recruit a team of supporters to help them with their project, students are to apply as individuals. Special exceptions may be granted to allow Fellows to apply in teams of two, but first, a special appeal must be made and granted by Department of Community Service staff. 

During a typical year, eligible projects must serve the Waltham-Boston community (30-mile radius), with priority given to projects that serve the city of Waltham. However, due to the unique circumstances surrounding COVID-19, this year we have expanded the project radius beyond 30 miles, allowing students who did not return to campus to engage in the fellowship virtually in their home communities. 

Project Proposals

Rich/Collins CLIF applicants will be expected to:

Proposals will not be accepted for projects that:
  1. Replicate, or only minimally enhance, an existing initiative

  2. Require additional funding beyond this grant opportunity UNLESS those funds are already in hand, or committed (with documentation), and are included in the budget

  3. Require any in-person component. All community impact projects must be completed virtually
Priority will be given to projects that: