Brandeis Counseling Center

Alcohol & Other Drug Services

The BCC provides a continuum of services to students seeking support in exploring relationships with alcohol and other drugs.

Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students (BASICS)

BASICS is a two-session assessment designed specifically for college students. BASICS is an evidence-based intervention that has been found to significantly reduce negative consequences associated with high-risk drinking. Students meet with a BASICS Provider for an initial session and complete an online screening instrument that gathers information about the student’s relationship with substances (BASICS I). A comprehensive personalized feedback profile is generated for the second session (BASICS II), which features comparisons to campus norms, safety strategies, and student goals. The Provider guides the student through their profile, using principles of Motivational Interviewing throughout the process.


Students who are seeking professional advice regarding concerns about others’ use of substances may make an appointment. This option is often utilized by faculty, staff, clubs, teams, groups of roommates or friends, as well as individuals. Suggestions and resources are commonly provided in this meeting.


For those students whose presenting concerns require more long-term or intensive services, the clinicians at the BCC can help facilitate a referral to substance use treatment providers in the community.