Brandeis Counseling Center

Resilience, Information, Skills and Experiences (RISE) Program

RISE logo - stick people climbing a mountain with the sun rising behind it.

Now accepting applications for the fall enrollment of RISE

Work in small groups with Brandeis faculty and Counseling Center clinicians to learn effective time management and goal setting techniques, while developing skills for coping with and bouncing back from stress.

Pre-Term Orientation

August 23-25th for first-year, and sophomore students who are looking to work on skills to help them successfully transition to college, while building connections with other students. Through hands-on activities and discussions, students will develop strategies to navigate the academic and social sides of college and connect with campus resources. 

Why RISE? 

  • Build your toolbox to thrive at Brandeis

  • Manage your schedule and ace your classes

  • Learn to cope when stress arises

  • Get a jump on making new friends

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