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aparna baskaran Aparna Baskaran
Abelson 306
(781) 736-2866
Condensed matter theory; nonequilibrium statistical mechanics; emergent phenomena such as phase transitions and pattern formation in far-from-equilibrium complex fluids including granular materials, self-propelled particles and other active materials.
james r. bensinger James R. Bensinger
Abelson 312
(781) 736-2875
Interactions of fundamental particles at the highest possible energy. Development and operation of the Atlas Experiment on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN with the Brandeis experimental high-energy physics group.
craig a. blocker Craig A. Blocker
Abelson 323
(781) 736-2879
Graduate advising head
High-energy proton-proton collisions in the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, properties of the Higgs boson, search for new physics beyond the Standard Model, including lepton-flavor violation, excited leptons, and left-right symmetric models.
Bulbul Chakraborty Bulbul Chakraborty
Abelson 345/346
(781) 736-2843
Condensed matter theory, especially systems far from equilibrium; glassy dynamics in supercooled liquids; granular media and the jamming of granular flows; modelling the dynamical instability in microtubules.
dogic Zvonimir Dogic
Research Associate Professor
Complex fluids and biological physics; understanding and controling the self-assembly of matter on a colloidal length scale; assembly, phase transitions and dynamics of colloidal systems under nonequilibrium conditions.
seth fraden Seth Fraden
Abelson 214
(781) 736-2888
Complex fluids; interparticle interactions and phase transitions in colloidal suspensions; entropy driven disorder-to-order transitions; physics of protein crystallization and the development of microfluidic-based, high-throughout crystallization devices.
michael hagan Michael Hagan
Abelson 350
(781) 736-2845
Application of statistical mechanics, modern computational techniques, and theory to problems in biology and condensed matter physics; assembly of viral capsids and other large protein complexes; pattern formation in collections of internally driven particles; effects of molecular chirality on large-scale structure.
matthew headrick Matthew Headrick
Abelson 313
(781) 736-2858
Undergraduate Advising Head
String theory and related areas of quantum field theory, general relativity and geometry; elliptic numerical relativity; quantum information theory and its relation to holography and quantum gravity.
kondev Jané Kondev
Abelson 301
(781) 736-2812
Condensed matter theory and quantitative biology; application of condensed matter physics models to problems in molecular and cell biology such as regulation of gene expression and chromosome structure.
albion Albion Lawrence
Department Chair
Abelson 344
(781) 736-2865
Quantum field theory; string theory and their applications to particle physics, cosmology and quantum gravity; interface between theoretical physics and mathematics, especially algebraic geometry; application of quantum field theory to condensed matter physics.
Elisabeth A. C. Mills Elisabeth A. C. Mills
Abelson 314
Astrophysics group. Radio, millimeter, and infrared observations of the galactic center and the nuclei of nearby galaxies using the Very Large Array, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, and SOFIA.
Bjoern Penning Bjoern Penning
Abelson 326
(781) 736-2806
Experimental Dark Matter (DM) searches and DM phenomenology; DM searches with the LZ experiment and at the LHC, interdisciplinary combination of DM measurements and models. Hardware developments for the LZ detector.
rogers W. Benjamin Rogers  
Abelson 221
Complex fluids and biological physics; programmable self-assembly of soft materials; colloidal interactions and phase transitions; DNA nanotechnology; self-organization of active matter; optical trapping and single-molecule science.
Gabriella Sciolla Gabriella Sciolla
Abelson 347
(781) 736-2841
Experimental high-energy physics group; Higgs boson properties; searches for physics beyond the Standard Model (Exotics);  Dark Matter searches at the LHC; reconstruction and calibration of the ATLAS muon system.
Marcelle Soares-Santos Marcelle Soares-Santos
Abelson 329
(781) 736-2870
Dark Energy, Cosmology and Astrophysics with the Dark Energy Survey (DES) and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST).
johnwardle John F.C. Wardle
Abelson 328
(781) 736-2889
Astrophysics group. Polarization-sensitive observations of extragalactic radio sources, using the Very Large Array and the Very Long Baseline Array of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Observations of X-ray–emitting jets in quasars with the Chandra Observatory.

Teaching and Adjunct Faculty

richard n. fell Richard N. Fell
Abelson 311
(781) 736-2860
hashemi Kevan Hashemi
Abelson 028
(781) 736-2810
High Energy Physics (HEP) group. Design, manufacture, and testing of opto-electronic devices for the ATLAS detector at CERN, Switzerland. The HEP electronics shop focuses on low-power, radiation-tolerant, high-reliability circuit designs for precision metrology.
Peter Mistark Peter Mistark
Abelson 330
(781) 736-2815

Emeritus Faculty
(still active in research and/or teaching)

Stanley Deser
Marcus T. Grisaru
Peter Heller
Lawrence E. Kirsch
Robert V. Lange
Robert Meyer
Alfred G. Redfield
David Roberts
Howard J. Schnitzer
Hermann Wellenstein