What We Believe

Diversity, equity and inclusion across our multiple social identities benefit our entire community.

When we work and learn with people who are different from us, we are more likely to solve problems creatively, enhance our critical thinking skills, and develop our strengths as teachers and as learners. Because our history and institutional goals are rooted in the pursuit of social justice, we include this value in all that we do.

Faculty, staff, and students who engage in diversity, equity and inclusion work are actively enacting multisystemic social justice and change.

Our Guiding Philosophy: Engaging Our Community

The personal and the professional are linked: our life experiences impact our professional and academic beliefs and practices.

Inequality is a naturalized condition: we have learned to accept inequality as a natural part of the human condition, but it is not.

We cannot build the community we seek if we use shame, blame or other marginalizing behaviors.

This work implies getting to know one another well.

Mutuality, collaboration, authenticity and kindness will be the tools of our work.