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March 30-31, 2018
African American Intellectual History Society Annual Conference

April 9, 2018
ENACT Forum on Women's Political Engagement

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The following events are supported through Faculty Diversity Grants which promote and contribute to a university-wide conversation on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This (now nearly-concluded) series is sponsored by the Chief Diversity Officer, Provost, and Deans of Arts and Sciences, Heller, and IBS.

March 2018
Diversity Dialogues: A Podcast Series Curated by "This Anthro Life"
Faculty grant recipients: Anita Hannig, Ryan Collins, and Adam Gamwell (Anthropology)

“Anthropology’s job is to make the world a safe place for human differences.” ~ Ruth Benedict, American cultural anthropologist. 

A central problem we address through This Anthro Life is that people of different disciplines, industries, or walks of life share the human condition but lack the time, skills, or knowledge to talk across and learn from difference. In a world where inequalities, power differentials, and endemic privilege continue to impact the fabric of university communities, these conversations provide a needed starting point.

Diversity + Inclusion in Higher Education, part 1

Brave Community: Teaching Race in the American Classroom with Janine de Novais

Episodes are also available on and through the Apple Podcasts app.