Meet your Global Fellows

Global Fellows are student leaders who view Brandeis University as a global campus and are enthusiastic about promoting international education, the integration of international and domestic students, and awareness of global issues through our annual I Am Global Week. Global Fellows may have taken a course on global issues, studied another language at Brandeis, studied abroad for a semester or summer, taught English, be an international student, or just have an affinity for engaging others in global perspectives.


Ji Chen
Major: Anthropology
Graduation Year: 2023
Home Country: China

My name is Ji and I’m currently a sophomore at Brandeis. I’m majoring in Anthropology with minors in IGS and Linguistics. I can speak Mandarin Chinese, English and Cantonese, and I’m planning to learn some other languages soon. I’ve always been passionate about knowing various cultures around the world, especially through traveling in which I can immerse myself in local food, languages and lifestyles that highlight the uniqueness of each culture. I’m super excited to promote different cultures at Brandeis and share my cross-cultural experiences as a Global Fellow this year!


Marco Qin
Major: Undecided 
Graduation Year: 2024
Home Country: China
Hi, I’m Marco Qin from Wisconsin, but I was born in China. My mother taught me Chinese and Korean, and I spent 3 years learning German in high school. I was the president of the International club for 3 years in high school and I organized activities to bring people from different cultures together. I am planning to keep learning German and study abroad in Europe during my time at Brandeis. I am looking forward to meeting new people, through Zoom and maybe even in person!