Meet your Global Fellows

Global Fellows are student leaders who view Brandeis University as a global campus and are enthusiastic about promoting international education, the integration of international and domestic students, and awareness of global issues through our annual I Am Global Week. Global Fellows may have taken a course on global issues, studied another language at Brandeis, studied abroad for a semester or summer, taught English, be an international student, or just have an affinity for engaging others in global perspectives.

Fernando Estrella
Master of Science in Computer Science
Class 2020
Country: Dominican Republic
Hello! My name is Fernando! I was born in Queens, NY but then grew up in Santiago, Dominican Republic. I can speak Spanish and English, and I am looking to learn a third language. I'm interested in many things like technology, 3D printing, improv, rock climbing, languages, global issues, and psychology, to name a few. I'm looking forward to helping you get immersed in the I Am Global Week. See you around!

 Anum Amin Kanjani     
Master of Science in Finance  
Class 2020
Country: Pakistan

I am a Fulbright Scholar from Pakistan and have 3 years of work-experience prior to coming to Brandeis. In addition to acquiring skills required to achieve my professional goals in the field of Investment Banking, as an international student, I look forward to opportunities of participating in discussions related to international issues that require peaceful intellectual dialogues. Brandeis which is home to a diverse international community provides such platform and as a Global Fellow this year I am excited to promote different cultures through educational and extra-curricular events to make a global impact. 

Jiaao Gong
Major: Economics & Sociology
Class: 2021
Country: China

Hi, my name is Jiaao and I am from Changsha, a lively city in southern China. Currently, I am a junior, majoring in Business and working towards my second major in Computer Science. Outside of the classroom, I have been a part of the Brandeis Ballroom Dance Team since my freshman year and performed in various events. Additionally, I am actively involved in Waltham Group Hunger & Homelessness Volunteer Group and the Taiwanese Student Association. This summer, I interned at a financial advisory firm in New York, and gained a lot of experience in finance. My background as an international student gives me a cross-cultural perspective that allows me to think differently. I would love to introduce you to my hometown and the culture there during I Am Global Week. 

Kruti Jethwa
Major: Economics & Sociology
Class: 2022
Country: India

Having been involved in research based academic approach that led to policy alterations in the Indian Government, I made my journey to Brandeis in Fall 2018, to further my academic and extracurricular interests. Born and raised in India, I have travelled 13 schools in the 12 years of my education, traversing from locations such as Cambridge in the UK to places like Koraput in rural India. Movement brought along with it change and excitement, while at the same time introducing challenges of having to make new friend groups and forgo the old ones regularly. This led to sadness at first, which later transformed into empathy, adaptability and being able to recognise 'home' as a fluid concept. 
I have been engaged in community service activities relating to education and continue to work in the same field by serving as a coordinator for General Tutoring, an on-campus community service organization. I have further been involved in community building activities on campus, with engagements in the South Asian Student Association, Department of Orientation and Student Admissions Program where I serve as an Ambassador. Additionally, being a Wien and a Davis Scholar and having resided in an international boarding school (The United World College), I have come to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate the diversity that exists in institutions. I look forward to uphold the same values as I start my journey as a Global Fellow at Brandeis and seek to add to making the atmosphere at Brandeis globally-aware and globally-friendly. I strongly believe that compassion is a driver of institutions and aim to spread compassion throughout activities and involvements as a Global Fellow. 

Jingman Li
Major: Applied Mathematics and Economics
Class Year: 2021
Country: China
Hi everyone! I am Jingman Li. I am from Hangzhou, China. I am a junior major in applied mathematics and economics. I am so glad that I can be a global fellow this semester again. I have also been global fellow for the last two years. This year, I also developed Hebrew as my third language, in addition to Chinese and English. As an international student and a foreign language lover, I am so excited to participate in I Am Global Week and help Brandeis to show its charm of being a global campus. Through this event, I hope more people can join us and be aware of global issues. Please come and have fun! See you in I Am Global Week!

Weishan Liang
Master of Arts in International Economics & Finance
Class 2021
Country: China
I am Weishan from China and graduated from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. Now I am majoring in International Economics and Finance (MA) at the Brandeis University - International Business School and expect to receive my master’s degree in 2021. I love dancing and learning all kinds of cuisine from different cultures. I really am open-minded and willing to make friends from all over the world. I can speak native Mandarin, fluent English and basic French. Looking forward to meeting you during the I AM Global Week activities!

Yanjun Liu
Major: General Studies
Class 2023
Country: China 

Hi, I am Vicky Liu from Shanghai, China. I went to an international high school in Maryland. I was in the equestrian team and I am interested in trying out new things. I am planning to major in business and IGS. I love learning about new cultures and tasting all kinds of food. I am so excited to be a Global Fellow and to immerse in all the cultures on campus! 

Makoto Sakuwa
Master of Arts in International Economics & Finance
Class 2020
Country: Japan
My name is Makoto Sakuwa. I am doing Accelerated MA in international Economics and Finance. I am originally from Japan and I have previously lived in Japan, the U.S. and a couple of European countries. I was exposed to many different cultures and languages so far in my life. I speak Japanese, English, French, a little Spanish and a little Italian. I like people who have a variety of backgrounds and that is what makes Brandeis community special to me. Looking forward to meeting you!