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Eric Moyal, Project Insulin

Eric Moyal, Project Insulin

In a world where life-saving medications like insulin are expensive, a Brandeis University alum, Eric Moyal is making waves with his groundbreaking initiative, Project Insulin. Founded on the belief that essential medicines should be accessible to all, Moyal’s nonprofit aims to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry by offering generic insulin at cost.

Eric Moyal's extensive background at Brandeis University laid the foundation for his innovative pursuits. With three degrees from Brandeis, including a bachelor's in 2017, a master's from the International Business School in 2018, and a second Master's in Strategic Analytics, Eric's ten-year journey at Brandeis has shaped him into a multifaceted professional. His experience in the fundraising office at Brandeis honed his skills and inspired him to make a difference in others’ lives.

Project Insulin began with Eric realizing the need for affordable insulin. Reflecting on this, Eric shares a poignant insight: "It's not a science problem. We're off-patent. We all know how to make insulin. It's not like it requires some scientific breakthrough, but rather, if we could raise enough money, we could make affordable insulin and sell it to patients." This statement emphasizes the essence of Project Insulin's mission — to tackle the affordability of insulin as a business and equity problem rather than a scientific one.

Eric credits Brandeis Innovation programs, such as the SparkTank competition and the Spark Program, for significantly shaping his entrepreneurial journey. Winning SparkTank provided initial funding and validated the potential impact of Project Insulin, making his project “real,” as he says. These programs offered crucial learning opportunities, from sharpening his pitch skills to navigating the complexities of starting a business, which have been instrumental in the progression of Project Insulin.

With ambitious plans to raise $400,000 for drug development, Eric is on a mission to transition Project Insulin from concept to reality. His efforts have gained attention, with participation in accelerator programs and public awareness campaigns, highlighting the critical need for affordable insulin. His story exemplifies the power of innovation, education, and persistence in tackling some of the world's most pressing healthcare challenges.

Project Insulin represents hope for those affected by the high cost of insulin. Those interested in supporting Eric’s mission can learn more and contribute at Project Insulin’s website. With options to volunteer, donate, or spread the word, everyone can play a part in making this project possible.

Eric Moyal’s journey from a Brandeis student to the founder of Project Insulin is a true example of how innovation, fueled by education and a deep sense of social responsibility, can lead to significant changes in the world. As Project Insulin moves forward, it stands as a powerful reminder of the impact one individual's vision can have on global healthcare.