The Global University

Brandeis' status as a "global university" is threefold:

Community: Bringing people together is the hallmark of global Brandeis. The rhythms of the world’s music and languages echo across our campus in Waltham. And our sustained relationships with people and institutions abroad bring the Brandeis spirit of excellence and justice to every corner of the world.

Opportunity: A 21st-century education means not just the study of places, languages and cultures. It means a renewed look at the self in a diverse society. And it means the opportunity to pursue that introspection in the quiet corners of a library or the far corners of the earth.

Justice: Action built on knowledge and experience is the Brandeis ideal. Rigorous analysis in the classroom, combined with humility gained from experience, mean that Brandeis students, faculty and alumni can help bring about change, from the remotest village to London, Washington and Beijing.


The curriculum at Brandeis spans the globe. For undergraduates we have programs focusing on every part of the world: Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, East Asia and South Asia. In our International and Global Studies major, students can examine a wide range of issues of global significance. Study Abroad is available in 65 different countries, covering every continent. At the graduate level, our two professional schools, in business and in social policy, both have an international orientation, as do our graduate programs in arts & sciences. Across the university, our faculty bring an international dimension to a wide range of subjects, from music and art to business and society, from literature and language to politics and economics, and of course in history and philosophy and other fields too. Finally, our research centers and partnerships bring together scholars and practitioners to create new knowledge and magnify its impact.