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Engineering yourself in the software world - one step at a time
Led by: Vasanth Krishnamoorthy, senior front end engineer at WalmartLabs

The webinar will covers how to become a better engineer - one step at a time. The webinar also looks at how life outside of work can help you build a better developer mindset. 


A Story-first Approach to Human-Centered Design
Led by: Lou Susi, Program Chair of the MS in User-Centered Design

The webinar explores the benefits of putting story concepts at the center of a human-centered design approach to improve design as well as the quality of a total human experience we're ultimately all creating through our work.


Defining and Maintaining an Authentic Voice on Digital Media
Led by: GPS instructor and digital marketing specialist Lauren Hindman 

How does your organization connect with your target audience in an ever-changing digital media landscape? In this webinar, learn how developing a voice for your brand can create an authentic personality and improve engagement with your followers. 

Whether you work with a non-profit organization, an educational institution, a consumer brand or a b2b company, understanding the role that voice plays in the communication process can strengthen your digital media efforts.


The State of FinTech
Led by: Ashley Nagle Eknaian, Chair, MS in Digital Innovation for FinTech and Jason Zaler, FinTech Partnerships Lead, PwC

This webinar covers the hot topics/companies in FinTech, the largest areas of investment, which global locations are taking the lead, and upcoming trends for what lies ahead for this burgeoning industry.

Additional links covered in the webinar include the Denovo website and Deveno Q2 report.

JULY 2016

What Can Established Companies Really Learn from FinTech Startups?
Led by: Timothy Bosco, Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation Strategy, Brown Brothers Harriman

This webinar covers different ways banks are incorporating agile methods common among successful FinTech startups for developing, testing and launching new products. It also explores key success factors of early stage entrepreneurs and their corporate parallels for staying lean, focused and in control of innovation strategy.

APRIL 2016

Ask the Expert featuring Barbara McNamara

On April 16, we welcomed Ms. McNamara to campus for a conversation with our community. She covered the relationship between information security and national security; shared her perspectives about the evolution of technology and its impact on security initiatives; provided insights from her experiences advancing to senior positions in a male-dominated field; shared tales from her time at the NSA; and addressed questions in an open forum.

MARCH 2016

Linking Performance Management with KPI's

Phil Holberton has more than three decades of experience in financial management, strategic planning, business development, operations, leadership development, and executive coaching for senior executives.

This webinar will cover the range of key performance indicators (KPIs) used to measure business performance; the technical challenges in developing the tools; organizational questions related to performance measurements; and how these tools can improve your performance.


Education is Open for Business
Led by Kevin Corcoran, Executive Director of the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium

This is an introduction to using Open Education Resources (OER) and how it can benefit both faculty and students. The webinar will show what types of resources are available, how the licensing and permissions aspect of OER works, and what efforts are being done on a local, regional and federal level. 


Ask the Expert: Cyber Security
An open forum Q&A led by Matthew Rosenquist, Cyber Strategist and Evangelist at Intel Corporation.

Discussing cyber warfare, hackers, and how we can protect our identity in the internet of things.


Pitch Perfect™: How to Tailor Your Thought Leadership, Branding and News Outreach to Capture Interest and Build News Stories
Led by Christine Dunn, Founder and President of ArcPoint Strategic Communications

How you pitch a story to the news media can make or break whether or not journalists pick up the story. Maximize your success by understanding the news cycle, the newsroom, the different types and styles of writers, and how to tailor your outreach to best meet the needs of those writers. Understand how a bit of research up front can greatly increase the efficiency and efficacy of your outreach efforts; why aligning strategic communications and public relations with overall business goals is critical to success; and how to evaluate and interact with the media to tell the story you want to tell.

You can find additional information on ArcPoint Strategic Communications by visiting their website at www.arcpointstrategy.com. Follow them on Twitter at @ArcPointSC

JULY 2015

7 Strategies to Rock Your Online Brand
with Shadé Y. Adu, Personal Brand Strategist, Life Coach and Founder of Savvy Solutions Consulting, LLC

This webinar is designed to teach online entrepreneurs 7 strategies to create a captivating and attractive online branding experience. This workshop is ideal of aspiring and current entrepreneurs who are looking to create a captivating experience that appeals to their ideal audience.

Follow Shadé on Twitter at @shadeyaabirago and learn more about her personal branding by visiting shadeyadu.com.

JUNE 2015

Improve SEO and Social Media with Authority Marketing
with John McDougall, Founder and CEO of McDougall Interactive

Wondering why your SEO doesn't work as well as it used to? Learn advanced SEO and social media concepts - put into simple explanations - that anyone can use immediately.

Based on Google patents and documents, which explicitly state that Google prefers experts and authorities, this talk with show you how positioning yourself as a thought leader can be a game a changer.

John’s latest content can be seen at www.authoritymarketing.com and  www.mcdougallinteractive.com/blog/. Follow him on Twitter at @mcdougalljohnd.

MAY 2015

Evidence-driven Instructional Design
with Jason Gorman, Vice President-Learning Experience Design Services, Six Red Marbles
Connect with Jason at @jsngrmn and http://sixredmarbles.com

Instructional Design is a field of practice that draws on many different disciplines and is practiced differently depending on the context. Given the diversity of the challenges a designer may be called on to solve, how can we know our design is good design? This webinar will focus on how to leverage existing academic research and conduct original learner-centered research to create powerful evidence-driven instructional design that empowers a designer to deliver a better product the first time.

APRIL 2015

The Voice of Your Leadership
with Phil Holberton

Invariably, we understand the importance of communication skills to be an effective leader yet we often take these skills for granted and do not focus on the relationship to our leadership.

This webinar will review the four major components of communication skills (listening, body language, oral and written) and tie them directly to emotional intelligence, the leading indicator of effective leadership.


Non-Traditional Ways To Fund Your Tech Startup
with Elizabeth Mwanga

According to Bloomberg, 80% of Startups fail within 18 months. However, this should NOT be a deterrent to aspiring entrepreneurs. 29% of 2nd, 3rd and up to 10th time Startup Entrepreneurs achieve success and longevity.  Paradoxically, their success rate increased with their number of past failures. 

Elizabeth Mwanga, a Successful Serial Entrepreneur, will teach aspiring and current Start-up Entrepreneurs how to practically fund their Start-ups via non-traditional means, with a main focus on 'Prompt Profitability' and a zero debt ratio, through no-risk funding methods, including United States government grants, as well as United States government contracts, coupled with other savvy tips to keep Start-up Entrepreneurs free and clear of debt as well as a focus on immediate profitability.

FEBRUARY 2015                              

Learning to Tame Conflict at Work
with Nance Goldstein, Ph.D., ACC

Learn to calm yourself in the moment of conflict heat. Gain four steps that transform conflict into useful conversations with a future. See why it's so important to your career to defuse and handle conflict skillfully. Create a strategy for yourself to handle a current conflict successfully.


Who Has Access to Your Medical Records
with Deb Hemdal

Who has access to medical records? The obvious answer is "the patient" but there are others who have access to the record. This webinar will explore who has access to medical records under HIPAA. We will discuss who the others are and how they get access to the records.

SEPTEMBER 2014      

Using Analytics to Change Your Marketing Strategy
with Ross Morrone

A look at web and social analytic reporting platforms and how to use real-time data analysis to build content, engage users and change your online marketing strategies.


Leadership: IQ or EQ...Which is More Important?
with Phil Holberton

Often we have mistaken our need for Intelligence and Personality to be effective in our careers.  Although these are important determinants to success, emotional intelligence, when properly mastered, is the apex of leadership.  Mastery of these models can mean the difference between your success and falling short of your aspirations.

JULY 2014

Long Term Care: The Last EMR Frontier
with Susan Carman

"Long Term Care: The Last EMR Frontier" addresses the some of the unique challenges facing the Long Term Care industry when trying to implement and adopt an Electronic Medical Record. It will also outline the benefits of moving forward regardless of the many difficulties this healthcare sector is currently facing.

JUNE 2014

Leveraging Online Learning for Professional Development
with Brian Salerno

The Internet has evolved into a treasure trove of valuable information and learning resources, accessible with just the click of a button. This webinar will focus on strategies and tactics for leveraging the power of the web to enhance your own professional development.From how-to videos & online certification, to distance education degree programs, and MOOCs, the power of professional education is at your fingertips. Learn how to develop your own personal learning network, and take advantage of the professional development potential of online learning.

MAY 2014

How To Become an Entrepreneurial Product Manager
with Rob May

Product management is a rapidly changing discipline. This webinar will focus on some of the new strategies and tactics of the most forward thinking product managers in the technology industry. Learn why customer development is more important than product development when building products for new markets, and how product management today is much more about testing and experimentation than planning and research.

APRIL 2014

Security and Governance Analytics
with George Radford

Security and Governance analytics have changed rapidly. The average intrusion has a dwell time of 400 days, over a year. So it's a Big Data problem. And when the actual theft attempt occurs, you'll have about 30 seconds to detect and stop it -- a Fast Data problem. Governance has become increasingly difficult with larger and larger numbers of users, devices, files, policies, controls, and compliance requirements. This webinar will review challenges and discuss emerging architectures and best practices that meet these challenges.

MARCH 2014

Overcoming 7 Common Pitfalls of Transitioning to Agile in Software Engineering
with Johanna Rothman

Agile is not a slam-dunk change. There are several common engineering patterns when you transition to agile. If you recognize them, maybe you can fix them. Johanna Rothman will discuss "The Iteration is too short/the stories are too big"; "We need an expert"; "Implementation in Layers", "Experts estimating", "We must have overtime"; "We don't have technical debt!" and "Feature-itis", and what to do about these problems. If we have time, we will discuss any issues you see on your projects.


Calculating Success: How the New Workplace Analytics Will Revitalize Your Organization
with Eric Lesser

The Big+Fast Data Disruption is accelerating changes in technology, business, and IT culture. The emerging skill sets are focused on adding value to data in partnership with the business, a dramatic change from technical specialization. This webinar will detail the Big+Fast Data Disruption, its transformational effects on the workforce, and the skills needed by the emerging generation of Data Scientists and knowledge workers.


Emerging Big and Fast Data Practices
with George Radford

Most companies today have access to reams of data: marketing, supply chain, finance, as well as critical data about their workforce.  Yet, research shows that companies are challenged in their ability to use this data to make strategic decisions about the workforce.  In this session, we will discuss how companies can more effectively apply analytics to this human capital data to improve organizational outcomes.


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