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Master of Science in

Robotic Software Engineering

Graduates of our MS in Robotic Software Engineering program will develop advanced skills designing and coding end-to-end software solutions that power autonomous robots.

To see if you're on track, read through the program outcomes and required courses and electives below. Please note: students must follow degree requirements effective at time of matriculation. Do not hesitate to reach out to your student advisor with any questions about completing your degree.

Program outcomes:

  • Design and implement programmatic solutions to enable robots to function autonomously.
  • Develop modern C++ software to build end-to-end robot software systems.
  • Understand and use design and architectural patterns that are prevalent in Robotic software systems.
  • Effectively use tools in ROS, Gazebo, and analytic dashboards to drive engineering of the robot software system.
  • Understand and use the technology stack required to make an autonomous robot. This stack typically consists of sensing, perception (vision and speech), planning, manipulation, execution, and feedback control.
  • Acquire the skillset required to transition robotics research to practice, while incorporating elements of good software design.

Required Courses

RBOT 101
Mathematical Foundations for Robotics
RBOT 210
Modern C++ and Robotics Frameworks
RBOT 220
Systems Design and Architecture for Robotics
RBOT 230
Robot Sensing and Perception
RBOT 240
Machine Learning
RBOT 250
Robot Manipulation, Planning and Control
RBOT 260
Use Cases for Robotics Systems
RBOT 280
Capstone I
RBOT 281
Capstone II

Electives (choose one)

RBOT 205
Mathematics and Algorithm Design for Robotics
RBOT 215
Data Intensive Software Systems for Robotics
RBOT 225
Python for Robotics and AI
RBOT 235
Robot-Human Collaboration
RBOT 290
Special Topics in Robotics Software Engineering
RSEG 176
Cloud Computing

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