Department News

Congratulations to Professor Irina Dubinina!

Her textbook, co-authored with Olesya Kisselev, Rodnaya Rech’: An Introductory Course for Heritage Learners of Russian, has been awarded the prize for Best Contribution to Language Pedagogy by the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL).


Congratulations to Professor Steve Dowden for publishing two new books!

Modernism and Mimesis offers a new way of thinking about how modernist fiction, painting, music, and poetry are interlinked. Among other things, it shows that modernism, contrary to a longstanding view, did not turn away from mimesis. Rather, modernism operates according to a deepened understanding of what mimesis is and how it works, which in turn occasions a fresh look at other related dimensions of the modernist achievement. Modernism is neither “difficult” nor elitist. Instead, it trends toward simplicity, directness, and common culture. Naïveté rather than highbrow sophistication was for the modernists a key artistic principle. Modernism, far from glorifying subjective creativity, directs itself toward healing the split between subject and object. Mimesis closes this gap by resolving representation into play and festivity.

Thomas Bernhard's Afterlives examines the international mobilization of Bernhard's style. Writers in Italian, German, Spanish, Hungarian, English, and French have succeeded in making Bernhard's Austrian vision an international vision.

To view a full list of Professor Dowden's publications, you can visit his GRALL faculty feature webpage

Innovations in Teaching and Research Grants 2017–18

Congratulations to GRALL/German Studies faculty members Kathrin Seidl and Sabine von Mering, who were recently awarded grants for Innovations in Teaching and Research.

Professor Seidl is a recipient of a Teaching Innovation Grant for the group project Enhancing Student Engagement and Achievement Through Voice and Visual Interaction Using VoiceThread™ (with Kim Round, PI, and co-investigators Carol Damm and Carrie Miller).

Professor von Mering is a recipient of a Research Innovation Award for her project An Examination of the German Climate Movement and Germany's Path to a Socio-Ecological Transformation.

Brandeis BiRCh Project Receives Grant from National Science Foundation

The Department of German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literature is excited to announce that the National Science Foundation has awarded a grant to Brandeis University in support of the project Parsed and Audio-Aligned Corpus of Bilingual Russian Child Speech (BiRCh). The project is under the direction of faculty members Sophia Malamud (Linguistics/Computer Science), Irina Dubinina (Russian/GRALL), and Nianwen Xue (Linguistics/Computer Science). You can learn more about the project on the BiRCh website.

Congratulations to the BiRCh team!