Commitment to Diversity

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The Hiatt Career Center supports Brandeis undergraduate students and alumni of all affiliations, backgrounds, identities and preferences in considering how intersecting identities might impact work and professional development.

Becoming Anti-Racist

Following Hiatt's commitment to building a space for students, alumni, employers, colleagues, parents, and families that is welcoming and free from bias and discrimination Hiatt is actively engaged with the Black Action Plan and efforts to address systemic racism at Brandeis. This section will be updated regularly to share current information with our community.


Engaging With Diverse Communities

At Hiatt, we make an intentional effort to reach out to all students and engage them in the career development process. Since 2017, Hiatt has focused and tracked this engagement across elements of diversity where possible to look for areas of improvement.

(Accessible description: These two pie graphs show that 33% of undergraduates are students of color and 35% of users of Hiatt are students of color.) (Accessible description: This bar chart shows engagement data for the fall of 2020.)

Ecosystem Partners

We value the experiences, perspectives, ideas and insights that our partners provide and proactively look for ways to collaborate, organize and develop programs to better support and engage with our vast student and alumni populations. 

To assist with the streamlining of diversity initiatives and communications, Hiatt has a designated staff member to act as a liaison between our office and campus partners and student groups. Outreach and collaborations have included these partners:

Engagement and Career Support for Diverse Populations

Hiatt regularly brings together experts, employers and alumni to meet and speak with students in classes, online and in-person for exploration, preparation and networking. We also host, create and co-sponsor various career programs and fairs throughout the academic year. 

As an office, we are committed to increasing the number of professional development opportunities for diverse communities. Our work in this area ranges from targeted educational programming, evaluation of service usage equity and career counseling satisfaction, representation in programming (e.g., alumni and career panels), targeted outreach and communication, employer partnerships in organizations committed to Black employees and employees of Color, collaboration with and support of the Alumni of Color Network and supporting employers and consortia as they develop programs and opportunities for Black students and students of Color.

Working With Hiatt

Our nationally recognized staff is committed to working with undergraduate students and alumni inclusive of all identities, backgrounds and interests. Our professional staff members have unique backgrounds and career trajectories of their own; with diverse training, education, and experience in areas ranging from career development, consulting, counseling, education, law, marketing, multicultural affairs, outplacement services and psychology.

Career counselors have received advanced training in working with multicultural populations through graduate programs, on-going professional development, and/or university-wide in-service training. Staff frequently have conversations with students and alumni on issues that touch on ability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, social and economic capital, mental/physical/emotional health and others as they relate to career development.

Our student-facing staff includes career counselors as well as trained undergraduate Hiatt Advisors representing diverse and intersecting identities. In fall 2020, this included 27% identifying as staff of Color as well as 18% first-generation college students. Over 70% have experience living in a foreign country and 63% are multilingual. 18% of student-facing staff identify with the LGBTQ+ community.