Research Projects

Metal dress sculpture

Project on Gender, Culture, Religion and the Law

The Project on Gender, Culture, Religion and the Law supports research on the rights of women in Jewish law, both in Israel and the Diaspora. It also supports comparative work that examines the issues of women's rights under religious laws in inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural perspective.

Project on Latin American Jewish & Gender Studies

The HBI Project in Latin American Jewish & Gender Studies (LAJGS) is a pioneering initiative for the study and exploration of Jewish life and gender in Latin America (Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean) and among Latin American Jewish immigrants worldwide. LAJGS promotes inquiries into such topics as memory politics, ritual observance and participation, local iterations of global ideologies (such as socialism, feminism and Zionism) and artistic movements approached as both locally authentic and extra-nationally salient.

The Holocaust Research Study Group (HRSG)

The Holocaust Research Study Group (HRSG) is a multi-disciplinary group of women scholars actively working on individual Holocaust related projects.  Their members include a journalist, a prose writer, a public artist, a poet, a fine art photographer, a sociologist, a public health professor, and a film-maker. 

Research Associate Program

Research Associates are HBI affiliates who carry out projects that support the institute’s mission.

HBI Legacy Projects

HBI has a rich history of legacy projects including the Artist-in-Residence program, an e-zine, a project on families, children and the Holocaust, a Jewish women writers series and much more.