IGERT Summer Institute 2018

All talks take place in Abelson 333.


  • Steve Girvin (Yale University) - quantum information
  • Zeb Rocklin (Georgia Institute of Technology) - physics of origami
  • Daniel Rothman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - the earth's carbon cycles and mass extinctions
  • Blake Stacey (University of Massachusetts, Boston) - sphere packing and quantum information
  • Jonathan Touboul (Brandeis University) - dynamics of neuronal firing
  • Rose Morris-Wright (Brandeis University)
  • James McInerney (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Mark McAvoy (Brandeis University, International Business School)
  • Naziru Awal (Brandeis University)


Monday, June 25
12:30PM Introduction and Lunch
1:30PM Mark McAvoy (Brandeis, IBS) - "The Economics of Blockchain Technology"
2:30PM Coffee
3PM Steve Girvin (Yale) - "Introduction to Quantum Error Correction" (Part 1)
Tuesday, June 26
9:30AM Steve Girvin (Yale) - "Introduction to Quantum Error Correction" (Part 2)
11:15AM Jonathan Touboul (Brandeis) - "The role of noise and heterogeneity in the synchronization of neuronal networks"
12:45PM Lunch
1:45PM Rose Morris-Wright (Brandeis) - "Hyperbolicity in Cube complexes: an Introduction to CAT(0) Geometry"
2:45PM Coffee
3PM Blake Stacey (UMass Boston) - "Two Departures from Classical Information Theory"
Wednesday, June 27
10:30AM Zeb Rocklin (Georgia Tech) - "Introduction to the geometry and response of origami and thin sheets"
12PM Lunch
1:30PM Daniel Rothman (MIT) - "Biosphere-geosphere stability and mass extinction"
3PM Coffee
3:30PM Naziru Awal (Brandeis) - "The smallest chimera: Periodicity and chaos in a pair of coupled chemical oscillators"
Thursday, June 28
10:30AM James McInerney (Georgia Tech) -"Geometric properties of liquid crystals"
12PM Lunch
1:30PM Zeb Rocklin (Georgia Tech) - "Putting thin sheets to work: selected topics in origami metamaterials"
3:00PM Coffee, discussion