Designed to provide a strong foundation in Middle Eastern Studies with a specialized knowledge of Islam, the Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Program (IMES) provides unique opportunities to examine current geopolitical events and develop a deep understanding of religion, culture and society in the Arab world, Turkey, Iran, and Israel.

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies is an interdisciplinary area study program that connects African Studies, Anthropology, Economics, History, Islamic Studies, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Politics, and Sociology. IMES students are invited to examine current challenges to the region and to investigate its historical and contemporary religious, cultural, and linguistic diversity. They will be offered a solid language, practical, and theoretical training, which will prepare them for graduate work in anthropology, history, Middle Eastern Studies, or politics. IMES will provide a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue careers focusing on the Middle East, for instance as activists, consultants, diplomats, journalists, or NGO workers.

The IMES program is administered by the Crown Center for Middle East Studies, which is home to a number of IMES faculty. Opportunities for Senior Thesis research grants, study abroad, and internships or fellowships in the Middle East are also available.