Application Process

Application Requirements

The JBS Admissions Committee will review the candidacy of students who meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Are in good academic and judicial standing and not on probation at the time of the application and program start date.
  • Have attained Sophomore standing (a minimum of 24 credits) at the time of the program start date.
  • Meet any program specific prerequisites for the JBS program to which an applicant is applying.

Applications are then evaluated on the quality of their application, academic record, faculty/staff recommendation and essays which should convey a high degree of motivation and commitment.

Application Process for Current Brandeis Students

The JBS application process, detailed below, must be completed before your application will be reviewed by the JBS Admissions Committee:

1) Submit the online JBS Application, which includes uploading an answer to the following personal statement question:

"In an application essay of no more than 500 words, address the following questions. Please be specific in your response.

  • Why would you like to participate in the JBS Program to which you are applying?
  • What do you hope to gain as a JBS participant?
  • How do your goals for the JBS Program relate to your overall academic plan at Brandeis?
  • What do you think you will contribute to the JBS learning community?

Some JBS programs may also have program-specific essay questions. You will find these essays in the online application. You do not need to complete your JBS application in one session - you may save and return to your application at any time.

2) As part of the application, you will be prompted to submit contact information (Name, title, email, etc.) of a faculty or staff member who can submit a recommendation. Your recommender will automatically be emailed a link to fill out a online recommendation form. Also, if they already have a recommendation letter written for you, they will have the option to upload that letter as well. You will receive an email once your recommender has submitted on your behalf. If your recommender does not submit a recommendation within a reasonable time frame, you can remind them or add another recommender.

The JBS Admissions Committee only needs one recommendation to consider your application, however you may ask more than one faculty member or staff member to recommend you. Your recommender cannot be the instructor or program leader for the JBS program you are applying for.

3) As part of the application, you will be asked to let us know if you are eligible for Financial Aid. This question has no bearing on your admission to the program and is only to determine if you are eligible for a "Justice Brandeis Semester Scholarship," a federal student loan, or private loans.

After your application is initiated, and if you are seeking Financial Aid, you need to make an appointment with a financial aid counselor in Student Financial Services in Usdan to discuss your eligibility for any JBS Scholarships and federal or private loans which may be available to you. There are limited need-based JBS Scholarship funds available, so it is to your advantage to start your application as soon as you are able and then make this Financial Aid appointment right away. Also, to qualify for a JBS Scholarship you must apply by the Priority Deadline of March 12, 2019. If you are NOT seeking Financial Aid, you do not need to meet with a financial aid counselor in Student Financial Services.

Application Process for Visiting Students from other colleges or universities.

The Brandeis JBS program welcomes applications from students enrolled at other colleges or universities. Visiting students must complete items 1 and 2 found above in the "Application Process for Current Brandeis Students":

1) See item #1 above.

2) See item #2 above.

3) Visiting students from other colleges and universities are not eligible for financial aid through Brandeis. These visiting students should check with the financial aid office at their home institution to see if there are scholarship, aid, or loan options available to them.

4) Visiting students from other colleges and universities must also submit an official transcript. Your official transcript may be send to: Brandeis University, Summer School - MS 084, 415 South Street, Waltham, MA 02453. Brandeis students do not need to submit a transcript as this academic information is already in Sage.

Acceptance Process

Once your application is complete, the JBS Admissions Committee will review your candidacy. Qualified applicants will be reviewed in the order that their applications are completed. There are limited spots in all JBS programs and limited need-based financial aid available, so it is to your advantage to apply as early as you can!

If accepted, you will be notified by email. To confirm your place in the program, you will be required to submit a $750 nonrefundable deposit and fill out confirmation materials within 10 days of your acceptance. More details and acceptance forms will be available at the time of acceptance to your JBS program.

Application Dates

Priority Deadline: Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Regular Deadline: Monday, April 8, 2019

  • Applications are accepted starting in January and must be submitted online by March 12 for priority admissions, and no later than April 8.
  • To be eligible for a need-based JBS Scholarship, you must complete your application by the Priority Deadline of March 12, 2019.
  • Students are encouraged to apply early; as applications are reviewed in the order they are completed; some popular programs will fill before the application deadline!
  • You may only apply for one program at a time. If you decline acceptance into your first program, then you may apply for a second.
  • Once a program has reached capacity, new applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Again, early application is encouraged to secure a low position on the wait list.

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