Brand Marketing and Communications

June 1-July 31, 2015

Professor Grace Zimmerman | 9 Weeks, 12 Credits | June 1-July 31, 2015

What do Lady Gaga, IKEA and Microsoft have in common? Smart branding!

Learn how to engage and sustain ardent fans through effective brand strategy in a nine-week course that immerses you in social media and cause marketing as well as traditional advertising, PR, promotion, and sponsorships and endorsements. You’ll debate case analysis, hear from professional guest speakers, collaborate on a group research project of your choice and compete in a fast-paced simulation game designed to flex your marketing muscles. You’ll apply all that knowledge to work with a small team on supervised, real-world marketing field projects. And you’ll do it all in the context of our shared values of social responsibility and ethical marketing.

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This program gives business students particularly interested in marketing an immersive experience in marketing, including a supervised field project and a realistic, competitive simulation. Consistent with our business program philosophy, this JBS program will include consideration of social responsibility and ethical marketing issues.


BUS 154aj - Branding Strategy
Description: Learn about the strategies marketers use to build and sustain brands that consumers truly value. Some of the brands we’ll cover include: Lady Gaga, IKEA, Pokémon and Vans. You will also compete in online, team-based marketing simulation game to give you the feel of a real-world branding experience. 

BUS 157aj - Marketing Communications
Description: Learn how to use a wide variety of social media and marketing communications techniques to effectively market products and brands. Develop advertising and social media campaigns, evaluate word-of-mouth and corporate blog promotional activities, and refine search engine optimization and marketing plans. 

BUS 195aj - Field Projects
Description: Need to enhance your resume with real, hands-on marketing experience? Spend four weeks applying your marketing skills and knowledge to solving actual client problems in a team-based consulting project for a local company. These high quality marketing projects, sourced and mentored by the professor, serve a variety of companies, from marketing agencies to Fortune 500 and start-up companies. Projects culminate in client presentations.

Note: Bus 152a, Marketing Management or the equivalent, is a prerequisite for this program.

Course Syllabi

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BUS 154aj - Branding Strategy

BUS 157aj - Marketing Communications

BUS 195aj - Field Projects

Please note that course syllabi are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.