The Legal Studies Program deals with broad questions about justice arising in a complex world. Our courses are open to students from all departments and majors. The only prerequisites are the curiosity to ask critical questions and the passion to explore practical steps to social change.

Legal Studies at Brandeis builds on the liberal arts model. In the words of the famous Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, "The study of law should be introduced as part of a liberal education, to train and enrich the mind."

You cannot major in Legal Studies because justice requires the specialized knowledge found in sciences, social sciences, humanities and creative arts. Justice also requires close familiarity with local problems and global challenges. Whatever your primary field of study, you will find Legal Studies courses that draw out the social justice dimension. With knowledge about legal systems, and with skills of legal analysis and advocacy, you are ready to find a richer balance between theory and practice.


The interdepartmental Legal Studies Program presents law in the broad context of history, economics, politics, philosophy, literature and the sciences. By tracing law's impact within the fields of health, business, environment and creative arts, graduates are prepared for a wide range of educational and professional opportunities. The scope of legal concerns studied in the program ranges from the local (town, city and state) to the national and expands to the global (regions and international bodies).