Legal Studies Program

Careers, Graduate and Professional School, and Alumni

After Graduation

Legal Studies offers a springboard to varied careers or further study as leaders, thinkers, and life-long learners well-prepared for a wide range of educational and professional opportunities. Legal Studies minors find and create opportunities at many levels - while at Brandeis and beyond - whether the local (town, city, and state) or the national and expanding to the global.

While many Legal Studies minors plan to go to law school (whether right after graduation or after working for some time), many choose to pursue a broad range of other graduate school and career paths. This minor is not intended as “pre-law” preparation for law school because the Program’s emphasis is on investigating the law from a variety of perspectives, rather than on training students for the legal profession. If your goal is to attend law school, understand that no single major or minor is the key to gaining admission to law school. Rather, you should choose an academic plan that most interests you and challenges you to become a better student.

A great resource for current students and alums considering law school or graduate school is Lauren Dropkin, JD’95, Assistant Director of Pre-Law & Graduate School Advising. If you’re considering law school, email her to sign up for her Hiatt Law Listserv.