Memory and Cognition Lab

Meet Our Team!

Arthur Wingfield
Arthur Wingfield
Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Neuroscience
781-736-3270 Volen National Center for Complex Systems, 363

Professor Wingfield’s lab conducts research on one of the most fundamental of human cognitive abilities: the ability to perceive and understand spoken language, and to encode in memory what has been heard.  Of special interest are the affects of aging and age-related changes in hearing acuity.  His current research includes sensory-cognitive interactions in adults with cochlear implants.

Alex Kinney smiling at the camera
Alex Kinney
Lab Technician
781-736-3273 Volen 354

Alex graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a major in Linguistics. Besides Art, he is the longest-standing member of our lab!

Ryan looking at the camera
Ryan O'Leary
Staff Researcher

Ryan is a Graduate Student in Psychology working on doctorate involving the comparison of data and resource limited memory, comprehension of complex syntax with Cochlear Implants, and calculating dynamic range using pupillometry with respect to aging differences. Ryan is interested in the field of Clinical Neuropsychology, specifically in research regarding aging, perception, and brain injury. In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing guitar, hiking, and theater.

Stephen smiling at the camera with a gray shirt and with greenery in the background
Stephen Valente
Research Technician
781-736-3273 Volen 354

Stephen graduated from Providence College in May with a degree in History and a minor in Business and Innovation. He is an avid Providence basketball and soccer fan. Stephen is from Melrose, MA and in his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, playing tennis, and watching movies.

Shari smiling at the camera while leaning against a stone wall
Shari Glass
Research Assistant

Shari is a senior majoring in Psychology. She joined the lab because memory and cognition have always fascinated her and this was a great opportunity to further understand how they work. This is her third year at the lab and she has loved getting to work with such a kind and caring group of people!

photo of Matthew Merovitz, a research assistant in the Memory and Cognition lab, posing for a picture in Iceland!
Matthew Merovitz
Research Assistant

Matt is a senior at Brandeis and is double-majoring in Computer Science and Chemistry and minoring in Business.

Jasmin smiling at the camera in front of red, yellow, and purple flowers
Jasmin Sabah
Research Assistant

Jasmin Sabah is a double-major in Neuroscience and Biology with a minor in HSSP at Brandeis. She is extremely passionate and interested in Neuroscience research due to her previous experience working in various medicine-based laboratories around the world like Israel! She is trilingual, which sparked her curiosity and interest in learning more about memory, language acquisition, cognition, and neuronal pathways. She is very excited to be a part of the team and hopes to pursue the medical field in the near future.

A young Nathan in a black and white photo
Nathan Bernstein
Research Assistant

Nathan is a junior at Brandeis majoring in Linguistics and Psychology and minoring in NEJS and Philosophy. He is interested in how people develop and experience linguistic knowledge and how it interacts with other cognitive processes. In his free time, he likes skateboarding around Boston and engaging with Yiddish culture.

A picture of Tolani looking at the camera.
Adetolani Odogiyon
Research Assistant

Tolani is a junior from Nigeria who is majoring in both HSSP and Neuroscience. She is especially interested in policy and healthcare reform in addition to neuropsychology. Tolani also enjoys reading, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, and photography.

Robert looking at the camera
Robert Lozniceru
Research Assistant

Robert Lozniceru is a sophomore at Brandeis University and a Wien Scholar. He is majoring in Biochemistry. In his free time Robert enjoys exploring local and national protected areas, bird watching, and cooking with friends. 

photo of Nikki Amichetti, a research assistant in the Memory and Cognition lab
Nikki Amichetti
Research Associate

Dr. Amichetti received a PhD in Neuroscience from Brandeis University and then moved on to Brown University to complete her postdoc. She has come full circle to work at Brandeis again, as a Research Associate, with Dr. Arthur Wingfield.

Past Lab Members

A picture of Maliha Chaudhry, on a ferris wheel, happily giving the peace sign with both hands, like a BOSS
Maliha Chaudhry
Past - Lab Manager

Maliha is a graduate of Wellesley College (Class of 2011) and majored in neuroscience. She has been with the lab since 2018 and loves the people in the lab. In her spare time, Maliha loves to listen to true crime podcasts, cuddle with her cat Nala, and root for the Boston Bruins with an unhealthy amount of passion.

Thomas (Tom) Hansen smiling at the camera holding a black cat
Thomas Hansen
Past - Master's Student

Thomas was a graduate student at Brandeis University and is now a postdoc researcher at Tufts University. He completed his master's thesis on discourse comprehension in spoken language. His interests include psycholinguistics, cognitive psychology, semantics, applied linguistics, and stylistics. Outside of the lab, Thomas lives with his partner Emily and their two cats, Murphy and Iggy. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, reading, and playing guitar. 

Anya in a black blazer, smiling at the camera on Wellesley College Campus
Anya Keomurjian
Past - Master's Student

Anya is a master's student in psychology researching comprehension of time compressed speech in cochlear implant users. Her primary research interests include psycholinguistics, language acquisition, and language processing. In her free time, Anya loves reading science fiction, listening to podcasts, and singing in choir.

A picture of Devin Maximus, giving the camera a cheeky smile
Devin Maximus
Past - Research Assistant

Devin graduated from Brandeis University and was a Posse Atlanta scholar. He double majored in Neuroscience and Psychology and followed the premed route. His interests in neuroscience and psychology stem from a fascination with developmental disorders and perception. On campus Devin was involved with MAPS (Minority Association for Premed Students) and Baseline Med. Off campus, Devin was involved with local Waltham groups, Spectrum and Hospital Helpers. In his free time, he enjoys working out, listening to new music, watching anime, and hanging out with friends.

photo of Amanda Tran, a research assistant in the Memory and Cognition lab
Amanda Tran
Past - Research Assistant

Amanda is Brandeis graduate who double-majored in Psychology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy. She decided to join the Memory and Cognition lab because of the many psychology and neuroscience courses which she took and thoroughly enjoyed. While at the lab, Amanda wanted to delve into the subject of hearing loss and its impact on cognitive function, especially in cochlear implant users. A fun fact about Amanda is that she can do a back flip!

photo of Leah Fernandez, a research assistant in the Memory and Cognition lab
Leah Fernandez
Past - Volunteer

Leah has graduated from Brandeis with a major in Human Factors and Psychology, with a minor in Business. While on campus, she was the Student Union Director of Health and Wellness and sat as an inaugural member of the Campus Accessibility Committee. She is incredibly passionate about making the world a more inclusive place and was a Jane Kahn Fellow, where she conducted research investigating educational access for juveniles with disabilities in MA. During her free time, she bakes, reads fantasy books, listens to podcasts, and has dance parties in her room. 

Sammie wearing a black long sleeve shirt, smiling at the camera, with her right hand on her hip
Samantha March
Past - Research Assistant

Samantha (Sammie) March is a recent Brandeis University graduate. She completed her thesis with the lab and is now working in the medical field! She hopes to go to medical school after gaining some experience in the healthcare field.