Department of Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

If you’re fascinated by human behavior and mental processes and want to understand them from a scientific point of view, a degree in psychology is for you.

As a psychology major, you’ll study both basic and applied areas of the field. Our department focuses on basic scientific research, and because of our small classes, you’ll have ample opportunities for hands-on collaboration with our faculty. You’ll also be assigned a faculty adviser who will help guide you in your curricular and career choices.

The solid foundation in science and research you’ll get with a psychology degree will make you highly desirable in a wide range of professional fields, including social and mental health services or research, of course, but also neuroscience, medicine, education, finance, management and human resources.

The same is true for graduate programs, whether you decide to pursue an advanced degree in psychology, counseling, education, business, law, medicine or another discipline. In fact, our undergraduate curriculum readies you for entry into a PhD program in clinical or counseling psychology.

By giving you a strong scientific and research foundation, a degree in psychology will also help you become an astute and thoughtful problem-solver.

Why Brandeis?

At Brandeis, you’ll delve deeply into the latest basic and applied research, working side-by-side with our tight-knit faculty who are pushing the boundaries of the field in a number of key areas, including cognitive science, normal and abnormal psychology, health psychology, social interaction, life span development and aging, spatial orientation, the effects of brain damage and neurological bases of sensation, perception, memory and emotion.

Our department strongly encourages you to get hands-on experience in one of its many active laboratories; indeed, many of our students work closely with faculty and coauthor papers for publication in professional journals. Alternatively, you may pursue your own individual research project or undertake an honors thesis. You may also gain clinical experience by doing a yearlong clinical practicum in a mental health facility in the community.

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“Brandeis’ Department of Psychology is unparalleled, with its fabulous course offerings, mentorship offered by amazing professors and diverse research opportunities. Thanks to the department, I feel extremely well prepared for my future academic and career path in psychology.”

Caroline Kaye ’18