1993–2000 Recipients


Alexis Abrams ’97
Columbia University
Exploration, through the medium of photography, of the emotional, spiritual, and physical journeys that constitute pilgrimage at the turn of the millennium.

William Carson ’99
Harvard University
Film and photograph the unique cultural changes taking place in Sherpa culture.

Maika Pollack ’99
Harvard University
Research the people and places in an abandoned family “art” photo album, writing the story of the search and documenting it with photographs.


Elisabeth Ben-David ’96
Brandeis University
International law and art institution policies.

Nicola Lopez ’98
Columbia University
Documenting the visual cultures of Oaxaxa, Mexico and Lima, Peru.

Dushan Petrovich ’97
Yale University
Study of large-scale narrative Renaissance paintings in Italy.

Elizabeth Raskin ’96
Brandeis University
Researching the conceptual parallels between her own art and the city of Pompeii.


Sarah D. Cummins ’97
Boston University
Painting and study of aboriginal art in Australia.

Tamar Miller ’94
Brandeis University
Painting and study of Renaissance art in Italy.

Dorothy L. Szemiot ’97
Columbia University
Study of Moroccan zillij, the art of geometric mosaic.


Keren Liebembuk ’96
Brandeis University
Painting and traveling in Latin America with studio work to be undertaken in Costa Rica.

Ara H. Merjian ’96
Yale University
Study in Spain of how various Spanish artists of different political ideologies and from different parts of Spain approached the Spanish Civil War through the visual arts.

Rachel F. Natelson ’96
Yale University
Examination of how changing perceptions of national identity are manifested in contemporary Hong Kong art.


Bryan R. Just ’95
Yale University
Study of traditional weaving techniques in the highlands of Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico.

Kathleen M. Rozanski ’95
Rochester Institute of Technology/National Technical Institute for the Deaf
portraying the lives of deaf people in Europe through photographs and their testimonies.

Zoe A. White ’94
Harvard University
Exploring the communicative power of photography, recording the spread of American pop culture along the northern 30th parallel.


David J. Drogin ’94
Wesleyan University
Study of how Renaissance patrons in Bologna, Italy used artistic commissions to assert their presence in the city.

Anoka Faruqee ’94
Yale University
Painting and studying Indian Art, including enrollment in the Visva Bharati School in Santiniketan, India.

Cleo Kung ’92
Columbia University
Study of ceramic-making techniques at the Beijing Central Academy of Arts and Design.


Fernando Feuereisen ’92
City College of New York/CUNY
Oil paintings of the landscape of Chile.

Katerina S. C. Marcelja ’93
Boston University
Dumuzi's Dream, play produced and directed in Ljubljana, Slovenia using the texts of Sumerian mythology and three-dimensional art.

Miriam Louisa Steinberg ’93
Brandeis University
Study of contemporary European, public art in transportation systems.