2001–2010 Recipients


Hanna Baumann ’08
Columbia University
Documentary photography project portraying Israeli and Palestinian farmers, focusing on their relationship to the land on which they work.

Danielle H. Friedman ’09
Brandeis University
Participated in a cultural and social art movement in Guadalajara, Mexico, and conduct culture-specific color research while learning how to make GAPKA oil paint and simultaneously creating art.

Kyle Meyer ’09
City College of New York/CUNY
Traveled to Swaziland to document, through photography and interviews, the lives of factory workers infected with HIV/AIDS.


Jefferson S. Arak ’07
Brandeis University
Produce a film about the town of Zipolite, Mexico, focusing on the personal stories of community members, especially a group of lifeguards and the staff of a rehabilitation clinic.

Sharon B. Madanes ’08
Yale University
Development of a body of paintings and prints, examining the paths to maturity in American and Israeli cultures.

Nomaduma R. Masilela ’07
Columbia University
Study of the origins and development of a revolutionary youth movement in 1980s Dakar, Senegal, expressed through a study of mural paintings made throughout the city and the artists who created them.


Douglas E. Anderson ’07
Harvard University
Creating a film in Sardinia that explores cantu a tenores, a form of polyphonic vocal music that originated some 4,000 years ago.

Ruben Ramirez ’05
City College of New York/CUNY
Photo-documentary project, with text, on child labor in the Dominican Republic, ranging from agriculture to domestic service to the tourist sex industry.

Hrvoje Slovenc ’06
City College of New York
Documenting the physical legacy of industrialism in Kabwe, Zambia; Linfen, China; and Dzerzhinsk, Russia.


Samuel Allison ’06
Wesleyan University
Photography sites holy to the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian faiths in North India and making audio recordings and conducting interviews to generate a complementary text.

Genevieve Edens ’06
Wesleyan University
Survey of historic buildings in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, concentrating mainly on pre-1919 German structures, which represent a unique colonial style.

Melissa Mariano ’04
Brandeis University
Collaborative study with archaeologists, scientists, art historians and conservators to help reveal the mysteries of the Picenian culture through the study of restored funerary objects.


Larissa M. Babij ’02
Columbia University
Documenting architectural trends in Kiev, Ukraine, navigating between historic preservation and Western-style development.

Ayame Mizutome ’05
City College of New York/CUNY
Documenting the Asian presence in Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia through photographic images and essays based on interviews and individual stories.

Jennifer L. Simon ’02
City College of New York/CUNY
Artistic apprenticeship and documentation of tsutsumi, the Japanese process of wrapping and packaging in order to aid in the preservation of its methods and traditions.


Terressa Davis ’04
Boston University
Examination and documentation of looting at Cambodia's archaeological sites.

Alexandra Rudensky ’03
Wesleyan University
Document, by means of images and text, Soviet enterprise communities (Novostroiki) through a combination of photographs, interviews and personal impressions.

Jeff Sheng ’02
Harvard University
Exploration, through photography and video, of the various sub-communities of individualism — identified by such considerations as sexuality, class, social status, age or religion — that exist in the urban centers of contemporary Mainland China.


Michael Alexander ’03
Wesleyan University
Visual investigation of the façade/courtyard relationship in St. Petersburg, Russia, and its impact on the livelihood of the city, utilizing mapmaking, photographs, drawings and collage.

Jason Kohn ’01
Brandeis University
Film portrait of Brazilian class warfare through kidnapping and corruption shown in the parallel stories of a plastic surgeon and a frog farm.

Mona M. Seno ’01
Brandeis University
An investigation of Japanese spirituality through the study of landscape and courtyard gardens.


Justin R. Beal ’01
Yale University
A study — through research, apprenticeship and original work — of the theme of portability in contemporary Northern European sculpture.

Ryan Miller ’02
City College of New York/CUNY
Documentary photography project dealing with the effects of globalization on the peasantry of Haiti.

Pack Beauregard Willimon ’99
Columbia University
Investigation of various forms of “paranoia” that have arisen in South African society as a result of rampant crime, AIDS, and residual effects of apartheid to create a lithographic series entitled PARANOIA.


Anna L. Perricci ’01
Brandeis University
Study of the use of light in commercial and spiritual/religious settings in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, translating my observations and feelings into two-dimensional work and eventually into several impermanent site-specific installations.

Alexander R. Putney ’00
Boston University
Study of the mummification processes of the paleolithic Chinchorro people of the west coast of South America.

Cassim C. Shepard ’01
Harvard University
Video documentary examining the ethnically Indian population of Fiji and how elements of Indian culture are passed from generation to generation.


Sharen M. Bidaisee ’99
Brandeis University
Investigation into the articulation of cultural nationalism through painting in Trinidad, with emphasis on reviving Amerindian and Spanish colonial influences, informed by investigative research in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Dominica.

Sedrick E. Huckaby ’97
Boston University
Study of the works of the old masters in Rome, Paris and Madrid in order to learn through viewing.

Sung K. Ma ’00
City College of New York/CUNY
Study and document, through photography, the lives of the Koryo people, descendants of Koreans who emigrated to Siberia.